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Olympic Taekwondo Training?

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    Don't know about Olympians, but a few champs have been brought in. Conor McGregor has TKD coaches. One former one was actually in the headlines for accidently killing some poor guy in a drunken scuffle that was walking back from his retirement party.

    GSP had Joe Rogan show him a few pointers(think it was more friendly, because he knows rightly). Rogan credits John Lee as being his mentor that started him off.

    Joseph Duffy has this wicked lead roundhouse off a jab he's done in his last Cage Warriors fight, and UFC debut. Don't know how he gets the initial wind in, but he throws it up quick and straight , which has to be from his TKD days.

    A lot of MMA guys like Anderson Silva with TKD backgrounds are obviously supplemented by Muay Thai and what not, even if nit more by it, but there was a devastating striker on the last TUF that was a TKD guy. Did alright until it went to the ground, then he was like a fish out of water.



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