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Judo defence against strikers randori

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    Originally posted by ghostdzog View Post
    Hi Mate
    no I wasn't being sarcastic about asking people to attack one at a time. This is recommended in one of the Gracie University Video's, explained by Rener Gracie.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking any of the gracies or BJJ, as I really think it is an awesome and effective style, and I think that the gracies are phenomenal fighters and teachers.

    I just think the "ask the gang of attackers to attack one at a time" is an unrealistic strategy.
    In my experience criminals fight like criminals, so wont play fair and cant be convinced to act fairly. After all, their attack isn't a jiu jutsu or judo comp, or even an MMA comp.
    but a street attack.

    But thanks for your advice. Re. cardio, sure. I see where your coming from. :-) I agree.
    I get where you're coming from with multiple attackers. And I always hate to have to point it out, because it's not exactly empowering, but when it comes down to it, despite what RBSD ads say, there are certain factors in a fight that can never be truly mitigated, such as size, age, and overall physical strength. Unfortunately, being outnumbered is a huge one. Would that reality were less lame and more like fiction but it isn't.

    That being said, as far as plain old self defense goes, against the average untrained schmuck, some grappling experience (with live training, like Judo) combined with some striking experience (with live training, like Kyokushin) would likely be your best bet. I mention those two specifically because you seem to hold an interest in them; that is to say, while they certainly won't make you unstoppable, there are far worse ways to go in regard to self-defense.


      If knives are your real threat there is a Dog Brothers Guru in Scotland you should try and get in contact with him
      A few training groups around England
      Judo + Dog Brothers is a mean combination.


        Originally posted by ghostdzog View Post
        I don't know. Judo now being associated with only sport. So, combat Judo really may not be such a bad name for a self defence application of Judo. This would distinguish it between the sport version and the self defence version. As with BJJ, and other free fighting based systems such as Sambo.

        Sport Sambo
        Combat Sambo

        Sport Jiu Jutsu
        Gracie Combatives

        However, I would only really like to do a self defence version of Judo if it focussed around free fighting practice. Instead of "self defence techniques" or kata.
        I think you're getting carried away with the whole 'sports versus combat' thing. Judo is a combat sport at heart and it's trained and competed to a very high level which lends itself perfectly to MMA and then transitions well to 'reality'.

        With a good technical knowledge and a controlled adrenalin response tested in sports you'll smash most people on the streets with Judo alone, within reason.


          Originally posted by Kovacs View Post

          With a good technical knowledge and a controlled adrenalin response tested in sports you'll smash most people on the streets with Judo alone, within reason.
          I'll also piggyback on that and add, as far as self-defense benefits that judo offers, you're looking at:

          -Fitness (Judo is intense, aerobically and anaerobically, and is highly beneficial for that)
          -A highly developed level of skill in regards to preventing people from grabbing or putting their hands on you
          -A highly developed level of skill in regards to pushing, tripping, or throwing someone who is actively resisting your attempts to push, trip, or throw them
          -As Kovacs mentioned you'll be used to adrenal dumps
          -If it gets to the stage where you're fighting and there's just no way out, you've got an effective way to quickly end the fight and run; after all, laying someone out with force onto solid ground isn't something most people are used to.
          -You'll have realistic practice regaining control if someone catches you off-guard, or if it goes to the ground against your wishes

          So, as far as self defense goes, Judo is nothing to scoff at.



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