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    Training partner

    Hello , not sure if this is right place to post this?
    I have been doing BJJ for 1yr 6 months and my hardest obstacle is schools training schedules.
    I have been to 3 schools trying to find right fit and offcourse location changes from moving.
    I'm middle aged man who is looking for long jevity with BJJ and to grow in time with skill.
    I currently live in Washington Lakewood city.
    I have a full BJJ gym in my house very nice one.
    My current school stopped its Wednesday class .
    My days off our Tuesday Wednesday so I'm only able to train those two days at class because the distance to my school and hours of job.
    I was hoping to meet some one to train with on Wednesday or my work days but before work or after work .
    It is kind of depressing that I love doing BJJ so much but life does not allow me to get the necessary practice time in to improve.
    I have two training dummies but it's not the same as a real person.
    on top of schedule I've had my fair share of injuries,illness and just things in life come up that made me miss classes.
    My current school is 35 minutes away so no one there is close to train with.
    The other closer schools either have wrong schedule or I just don't like the vibe of classes.
    I'm hoping to find some one who been doing BJJ atleast 1 year and is closer to my age and not a nut case to practice with .
    If no one here is close by me or this is wrong place to post this who has some suggestions on how to find a training partner?

    thank you

    Welcome to Bullshido!

    I've moved this thread over to our Newbietown forum. You should peruse our Throwdown and School Reviews forums, which may help you in your quest to find a partner or another place to train.
    Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.



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