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    Originally posted by WFMurphyPhD View Post
    Ironically, prior to the UFC, Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil was also a fairly small community,
    Much, much smaller than the Judo community was in Brazil prior to the UFC.
    Its my understanding that he BJJ community is still smaller than the Judo community in Brazil, and that the community size might actually be bigger in the US at this point.


      Originally posted by WFMurphyPhD View Post
      Mr. Mackan,

      Thank you for sharing your perspective as a man on the ground in Sweden and around the other areas in question.

      Is it fair to say that regular Amateur (freestyle, Greco-Roman) Wrestling was common in the Scandinavian countries,
      With plenty of Judo enthusiasts,
      And a minority with a historical interest in traditional Viking belt wrestling,
      And then a smaller fringe minority (a few old guys I would guess) that might have had knowledge of catch wrestling holds,
      Other illegal in regular wrestling tricks,
      And had an interest in unregulated holds type submissions?
      Now - you are totally correct in assuming that (Greco-Roman and Freestyle) Wrestling and Judo were the two major mainstream arts here. There have always been Glima enthusiasts, I am sure, but it is not widely recognised and only a few club trains in it.

      BJJ and Submission Grappling have come up as quite large arts the last 10-15 years, but before that, this was pretty much Judo-land. Sure Karate existed, and back in the early 90s first Bujinkan and later all the chain-punching-varieties were pretty popular, but Judo was always greater than all of them. Even combined. (2015, there were 16174 members of Swedish Judo, and about 38.000 of EVERYTHING else, combined. From Aikido to FMA, Glima to Ju-Jutsu and Kyokushin to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So even now, Judo is really big, comparing.)

      But yeah, I see your point and I think that you are correct. The interest in Glima and other non-Judo and non-Wrestling grappling arts took off, really, after MMA became more mainstream here.


        Originally posted by Raycetpfl View Post
        If you wanna learn to fight you learn Sambo, Bjj, Wrestling, kickboxing, boxing or Judo. If you wanna learn to run from a fight you take french classes.
        Come on dude, don't be ridiculous. French lessons aren't going to help anyone learn how to run from a fight...

        They'll help them learn how to surrender.


          Cheik Kongo disagrees.

          Damn it, now I have Chumbawambas tubthumping stuck in my head. Inevitable when Cheik Kongo is mentioned I suppose.



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