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Looking for some perspective and feedback on some of my notions

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    Originally posted by Broomie View Post
    You use the other 22 minutes to inspire them the wisdom you picked up from your Tony Horton DVD'S.

    Seriously though, If I recall I believe the research I read was that there was no benefit beyond 18-24 total minutes of anaerobic activity. Does that sound right? Although the stuff I read was running and cycling. Do you know if it matters what the activity is, or just the heart rate?
    Yes, that is about it. Judo leans heavily into the the two anaerobic energy systems, but needs aerobic capacity for a 5 minute or longer match (golden score), and multiple matches in a tournament. Typical sequences will last 15-20 seconds with a short break. Strength endurance is at a premium...

    So it's activity specific to some degree. I'm not an expert by any means on conditioning, but I try to find stuff that works for judo. When I was training, interval training (running) and circuit weight training (as part of a larger training cycle) was what got me into the best condition for competition.

    Never heard of Tony Horton. I only know two Hortons...




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