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Questions about pancrase black belts claiming there bjj black belts

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    Questions about pancrase black belts claiming there bjj black belts

    I am wondering is this something that should be exposed?

    Yes, is there a specific instance you are aware of?


      Originally posted by Demolitionman View Post
      I am wondering is this something that should be exposed?
      I don't recall belts being worn or discussed as shooto specific or league specific belts in the shooto gyms in Japan from the nineties.

      (unless the fighters had side belts in Judo, various flavors of Karate, BJJ etc).

      Pancrase, Kingdom, and several others were the leagues or promotional organizations of Japanese Pro Wrestling in the 1990's.

      Pancrase and Kingdom specifically had both worked pro-wrestling "fights" and fights where the fighters were allowed to bang it out for the better purse and follow up ranking.

      There were some guys in those leagues that had good striking, some had good Judo, and some had very good submission wrestling skills.

      There were some guys that were more entertainer ringers with a certain look or promotional value to the crowds.

      So, maybe there is a revival Pancrase organization that is ranking belts now.

      But back when the shoot leagues were running fights for purses in the 1990's, there was a wide variance regarding skillset of the shooto fighters.

      Some were hell on wheels, some were uni-dimensional, and some were just for looks.

      In the US, there were some schools in the 1990's with Jeet Kun Do ties that cross trained in Shooto style submission grappling,
      and some of them had in house belt systems.
      Sensei Erik Paulson, and while traveling Prof Chris Haueter had some cross training with those schools.
      I don't think anyone felt or perceived that the belts systems of those schools were interchangeable with (G)BJJ belts,
      and BJJ black belts were still a very scarce resource back then.
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        Oh, I think I know what organization OP is talking about.

        Am I close?


          I don't recall ever seeing a Pancrase black belt.
          Do you mean pankration black belts?
          Its an odd art to have a black belt but one of my favorite BJJ Coaches does have a black belt in Pankration as well as BJJ.
          Of the single rapier fight between valiant men, having both skill, he that is the best wrestler, or if neither of them can wrestle, the strongest man most commonly kills the other, or leaves him at his mercy.
          –George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence


            There is a group of guys near were I live in Princeton wv they have a gym called advantage martial arts they have a guy there named Jeff Morris that tests people and gives them all stripes and belts, they say the are a pancrase martial arts school and now they are advertising that they have a black belt instructor teaching there jiu jitsu class and it's the pancrase or whatever black belt Jeff Morris they have a bilboard with him on it in his black belt and it's an advertisement for BJJ so they are misleading people to believe he is a jiu jitsu black belt how can they be exposed?


              [QUOTE=plasma;2878839]Yes, is there a specific instance you are aware of? Yes it's a gym in Princeton wv called advantage martial arts here is the link to there Facebook page


                yes that's the organization his picture is on that page



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