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    Hello from Melbourne

    im quitting krav maga after 2 years and joining an MMA gym as of today (to do boxing and bjj, wanted to do wrestling but those classes are on hold til next year due to not having the numbers).

    For a while ive had my doubts on certain techniques and even the way drilling is carried out. Sparring is limited and when you do people dance around afraid to hit whilst we're made to wear protection that resembles what an attack dog trainer uses.

    I have some limited training in boxing and MT and enjoyed doing those classes on the saturdays. The last 2 years havnt been a total waste, i did learn some useful stuff but we arent training to be fighter or even fight just use the techniques to buy enough time to run away. The emphasis was you didnt want to fight unless there wasnt an exit and only did so until you could leave.

    The turn over rate of the school was quite high. 20 people would suddenly appear then disappear. If they lasted more than 3 months then they'd usually stick at it. Majority of people are either women or men over 35 years old. The place wasnt a mcdojo when i started but over time the syllabus changed 3 times and the drills got worse and now theres next to no sparring.

    I voiced my concern of not enough actual fighting, unrealistic attacks/attackers and over use of protective gear (i wanted to wear less). The head instructor/owner understood what i was saying and even agreed on some points and suggested but nothing changed.

    Theres 1 instructor who (is new) was boxing by the age of 5, did judo from the age of 10 and did bjj/wrestling when he was in university. By far he is the best, he doesnt just teach technique but teaches defense on those techniques getting used on you aswell as great tips (which are usually wrestling based). All the other instructors dont have any fight experience apart from their street fight stories. One of the female instructors has heaps but i rekon they're all bs.

    So now im really excited to get back into boxing and start bjj. Funnily enough the new place was training one of my old krav instructors, he apparently was hopeless in the ring mainly because he "was thinking too much".

    I need a good excuse for cancelling my (expensive) krav membership so i can start at the new place.

    Also if anyone has any questions on krav feel free to ask, last saturday there was a grading on which i didnt go but had i gone i would of been awarded a new rank and became an assistant instructor.


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