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So I'm reading up into the Bullshido article on Wing Chun, had me thinking

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    Originally posted by kimjonghng View Post
    If wing chun suffers from a poor ground game and lack of full-contact sparring, could cross training it into another art, say BJJ and a full contact style like Kickboxing or Karate help round those skills out in a more applicable way?

    Just some thinking I've had since my training has expanded. Im training Goju Ryu Karate, Brazilian Jujitsu, and my club is now adding Kickboxing classes as well. We've got a lot of sparring and ground fighting now. While I have some interest in Chun theory from some previous dabbling and being friends/sparring partners with a Wing Chunner, I wondered if perhaps anything of Chun could be put into that hard training style and combined with that sort of pressure and a ground game to make something really useful?
    That last line is particularly of interest. I can think of several groups I'd at least like to try training with off the top of my head and specifically know why I'd like to do so, yet it is currently grossly impractical and probably will remain that way indefinitely. Can you explain to yourself unambiguously what it is that so compels you to shell out x number of dollars and travel y number of miles every month? How long can you even keep up with your schedule now? Time flies, and one sure way to miss something is to untenably attempt everything.



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