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Introduction to you filthy casuals.

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    Introduction to you filthy casuals.

    Sorry for the deception, just needed something to catch your eye. I am 16 and about to re-emerge myself into the world of martial arts to get into shape, so I can have better chances at getting an rotc scholarship. I used to take Kuk Sool Won in a small town, and even met the grandmaster at a tournament. I never really got that far.

    These days I want to get into Bjj and Muay Thai/Boxing. I know where i am going to live there are some good gyms for both. I also have a family member in Wing Chun who interested me into checking it out. I was skeptical as I am a long time lurker, and he basically told me that Bruce Lee only studied that basics and really focused on other styles. He also says that they have live sparring where they actually fight. This dojo also has direct lineage from Ip Man. I want to get your opinions on this as I'm going to check this place out tomorrow to see if it is legit.

    Originally posted by MallNinja View Post
    .... live sparring where they actually fight....
    My opinion is that everyone assumes that a real life fight always happens on this endless plane or flat surface. Three times I've been attacked while sitting in a car. Twice in the driver's seat, and once in the back seat. And once on a city sidewalk on a busy street where a step to the left would be lethal.

    And if I had a nickel for everytime someone said they trained with or showed Bruce Lee such and such, or direct lineage be Yip Man, I could go to Taco Bell and have a good meal. Maybe get the taco special with a coke, make that a large coke and a taco supreme with extra sour cream.


      Wing chun sparring:

      Muay Thai sparring:

      Until proven otherwise, one can safely discount claims that a chun kwoon is actually sparring.

      What are your martial arts goals?


        I've spent years searching for the real Wing Chun. I've long since concluded that it doesn't exist. If that dojo your cousin trains at does hard sparring, what they do will not look like Wing Chun. It will look like kickboxing.


          Originally posted by MallNinja View Post
          I used to take Kuk Sool Won in a small town, and even met the grandmaster at a tournament. I never really got that far.

          Kuk sool won.....Aren't those the clowns that paid Gary Goodridge to take their appointment to 4th Dan black belt never having any training in the art and fight in the ufc wearing their gi? They use pressure points, right? I think it's fair to say they are clowns.
          Also.... wing chun......... I remember when Igor Zenovia fought a wing chun master in the 90's . That was good times. Sambo > Wing Chun . Really and type of Jiu Jitsu > Wing Chun...... really it's Krav > Wing Chun and Krav sucks.
          Take Bjj and Muay Thai. I think they are one of the more proven combos of turning out competent fighters.


            so much for pressure points

            I tried the thing where you dig your fingers in the forearm near the elbow. It worked great on someone my size. Tried it on a big ole black guy that could bench 400 lbs, nada. Tried it on the old janitor that use to box professionally, nada, .....a pro muay thai fighter (ernesto zamarillo) , zilch,.....on his roided up and out sparring partner, zero.

            And the pressure point near the wrist and thumb....same results.

            Then I tried some hapkido wrist locks......same results. That shit sure works good on some novice, but on a real fighter kind of guy, they wouldn't work. And the thing about is that I was so good at them in the school, I taught them although I was only a green belt.

            The falls I learned in hapkido where just like the judo falls. And they saved my ass from injury several times. Ya, those were good.


              Originally posted by Raycetpfl View Post
              I remember when Igor Zenovia fought a wing chun master in the 90's . That was good times.

              "In this cornah, at 6'0" and 179 lbs, with no discernable musculature, and a 14-0 record in patty cakes in his mom's basement... Chunny McSlapfight! And in this corner, at 6'0", and 190 lbs of enraged detcord, a master of doesn't-train-like-a-pussy: Rooskie Kellemov!"

              "Do you think Chunny is going to present any special problems to Rooskie?"

              "Certainly. Chunny's utter lack of even the appearance of takedown defense could confuse him into thinking he's playing possum, and delay the inevitable organ-pulverizing slam by as much as several seconds. Also, if he pees himself in terror, that could make him slightly more difficult to grasp. Finially, rooskie has never fought someone as well-roundedly incompetent as this, so potentially, a fit of laughter cou..."

              "I hate to interrupt your analysis, but Chunny tapped out in the middle of your first sentence."


                Man! Faukner looked like a whisk broom in those shorts.


                  OP, in the many years I've spent on this site, the example ermghoti posted is the standard. In fact, I am still yet to see a chunner display fighting prowess (that hasn't cross trained extensively in other arts).
                  GET A RED BELT OR DIE TRYIN'.
                  Originally posted by Devil
                  I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
                  Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
                  I <3 Battlefields...


                    Originally posted by ermghoti View Post

                    Videos like these made me realize a few things as a teen.

                    1. Learn to grapple. You don't wanna spend your life learning martial arts and then get rag dolled and choked unconscious in front of friends and family by a dude that doesn't even really consider the match you just participated in as "going hard".

                    2. When ever possible try to avoid fucking with,mother nature, mother in laws, or mutha-fuckin-Russians.

                    3. If your style of punchkickery isn't practiced against resisting opponents that are figniting until knock aren't learning to fight..... you are doing interpretive dance.


                      These little girls spar with more aliveness than many Wing Chun students. They throw better combinations and their footwork is nearly flawless.

                      If you can find a Wing Chun school that practices at least as intense as this, you might be ok..

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