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    Bullshido: Factions

    So, once claim I heard today, which was incredibly off base was that Bullshido only had one active investigations group, that being the group headed by Browing. This is in fact, not the case. As I don't want our history to be lost, these are some of the other operational investigations groups. I define "investigation" by a groups ability to gather information, then apply that information, either as a part of a presentation or an operation.

    1. Department of Homeland Security

    DHS was a group of jiujitsu zealots dedicated to advancing the art through better discussion of the art. Perhaps their most notorious act was the infiltration of Bullshido staff in a plot that saw the banning of Brandeissansoo.

    2. The MD Crew

    The MD Crew was the notorious JFS Throwdown group. Before they turned on each other, they waged, under Springer's direction, a campaign against Bullshido staff. This continued in a larger plan to unseat MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai

    3. NoBS

    NoBS took the vision of the MD Crew international, forming up a collective of Kung Fu masters and other traditional martial artists from Bullshido's staff and membership. This was made possible in part by the rift that DHS caused by their infiltration. They were defeated by...

    4. The "MMA Crusaders"

    A collective of Bullies from all over. Anthony financed it, Kat provided transport, acid and guns, Phrost hacked Abel's PM box to reveal an impending attack by Springer, and Ashly scouted the location. Other players were involved as well.

    5. Boston Bullies

    This group, which is essentially defunct, had only one active investigator, Warwheel. However, before it splintered, it gave birth to...

    6. TLI

    No, not that TLI. The Living Room Investigators. This combination of investigators saw Matt Phillips, formerly known as War Wheel, teaming with The Villain and others throughout the world, to expose Carlos Gracie Jr. and the IBJJF in IBJJF Decoded. The Villain also shut down the Bullshido Advisory Group's Team Lloyd Irvin investigation.

    7. The Bullshido Advisory Group

    When I arrived they were working on a TLI investigation. After that was debunked, Andrew Left and Oden derailed Decoded, helping the terrorist Carlos Gracie Jr. conceal his crimes. I resigned in protest and have no idea what they're up to now.

    8. Secret Evidence Group

    After the advisory group was rendered ineffective, this group gathered information related to human trafficking in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

    9. Sam Browning Investigations

    Essentially a combination of MABS and

    10. MABS

    Public Investigations open to the membership within certain guidelines

    Anyways, thats just what I know of. There are other factions with various degrees of investigative abilities, but many operate(d) in secret to avoid exposure and targeting. These factions can be aligned with a variety of parties and have shifting allegiances, some taking aim at Bullshido or Bullshido leadership.

    Originally posted by The Villain View Post

    2. The MD Crew

    The MD Crew was the notorious JFS Throwdown group. Before they turned on each other, they waged, under Springer's direction, a campaign against Bullshido staff. This continued in a larger plan to unseat MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai

    What?! I was on the MD TD crew during that time. I never waged war on the staff or took direction from JFS. In fact it was groundcontrolba that was the original organizer, JFS was just a crazy Kung Fu guy that showed up and did some minimal sparring. In fact myself and DerAuslander joined the staff as forum leaders around that time.

    It was JFS vs Department of Homeland Security (BJJihad) posters you remember. Us is the MD TD got drag into this when JFS posted a thread saying the MD TD was the gold standard of throwdowns and DerAuslander and I found ourselves in a situation where we had to defend why were doing to some knife on knife work. But we were never under JFS or took direction from him. In fact we thought he was bipolar and treated him with kid gloves. There is a reason none of the MD TD crew was with him during the famous Kat vs Omar meet up.


      Thanks for clarifying. I have no idea the full inner workings of groups of which I was not a member. There is/was so much going on with Bullshido that it's very easy to miss details.


        Also, I was going to mention Jihad, but I recall that being basically hedge as a one man army. DHS I remember being shuma, aeso, gravedigger as either, Brandeis. Greese, behind the scenes, myself behind the scenes when our interests were aligned.


          Dan Severn loves raping people.


            I think that puts it all in context, great post !
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              I take issue with this. Please believe the MMA Crusaders explored the galaxy and the rest of the known universe across space and time. And never did we encounter such a group. Yeah, we were THAT high. It ain't the sheringan that makes my eyes look like that.


                I've just discovered what is perhaps the pussiest example of BJJ ever. Trying to download it from Youku now, but it's difficult because they developed an EMP defense to our cyber-mites.
                Dan Severn loves raping people.


                  I am so confused right now, could someone please knee me in the face again in order for me to gain some kind of clarity?
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                    During the heyday of Bullshido, and to a certain extent today, there were numerous sub groups with various agendas, sometimes in concert with each other, sometimes in opposition.


                      If I roll a new handle, do I get to choose a new faction? I've always played a troll, but playing a lawful good paladin has been on my bucket list for some time now.

                      In other news, please knock this shit off Jordan. The forum drama wars is such a sub-reddit thing to do. No one cares about that shit, besides the neckbeards and fedora wearers (yeah suck it Neal!) who spend more time online than on the mat. Don't be that guy.

                      Also you mentioned the Boston crew, and not us New Yorkers!? We put the Boston crew on the map by beating them all up! #nytd4life!
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                        It's a matter of history is all. I don't want to see Bullshido reduced to the efforts/counter-efforts of just a few.

                        Plus, when's the last time reddit ever ran a mission?
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                          Originally posted by The Villain View Post
                          Plus, when's the last time reddit ever ran a mission?
                          When was the last time Bullshido ran a mission?


                            Originally posted by The Villain View Post
                            INSANE RAMBLINGS
                            WTF is this shit?

                            Some of these were actual sub-forums, some of these were ad-hoc and specific investigative groups, some of these did not exist.

                            This is a very weird re-imagining of history; specifically drummed up to be dramatic. Jordan, is there not enough drama in your life right now? Aren't you combating Brazilian human-trafficker-drug-dealers on the mean streets of Cambridge or something right now?

                            What is going on with you lately?
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