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    New training direction query

    Hi guys

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I havent been on Bullshido for probably over half a decade, so I figure I've re qualified as a newbie and should post here. Feel free to move the thread if this is wrong.

    Due to a succession of injuries, I've been out of training for a number of years now. I have been trying to achieve a sufficient level of repairs to be able to get back to MT or similar. However, given the re occurring nature of my injuries (combination of bio mechanical issues and the advance of years) I have had to concede that this is not possible.

    So I am looking for an alternative MA that may be sustainable under these circumstances. At the moment I am thinking Judo. But I would like to find out if there are any other recommendations out there, particularly from those who have encountered similar circumstances.

    A quick injury run down (as I think this will be relevant to any recommendations):

    Destroyed my tib anterior (or was it posterior, I dont recall) running. About a year to come right. Started easing back into running, tore a knee ligament during light running.
    Some in depth examination identified I have an abnormal gait (my right foot is turned too far out, just the way im built) which my body was able to better compensate for when I was younger.
    When the ligament came right (a long time) I started easing back into running. Then my right planta fascia went (okay, my own fault, I eased back in to quickly and panged it running up a hill offroad with a pack).
    Six months in a moonboot then another year and a half to come mostly right.
    Realised that running was not my friend. So when it came right, substituted for walking instead. Eased in and all was going well. I was doing about 100-150km a week for a few months and rather enjoying being able to engage in some form of exercise again (even though walking is fairly dull).
    Then my left planta fascia started causing issues so I've had to cut it right back.

    Concluded that repetitive action and high impact exercise that involves my feet and legs is pretty much out and that my long hoped for return to MT is not going to happen. So I'm thinking I need something that won't involve too much sustained strain on my problem areas (particularly planta fascia) but will at least be:
    A). Exercise
    B). Some sort of fighting

    All I can really think of are Judo and Aikido. Im not really a fan of Aikido (at least not the one club we have in this area, from what I can tell they just do static scenario grab my wrist stuff and never do anything vigorous).

    So, any advances on Judo in terms of recommendations here?

    TL/DR: your knee was injured and is now OK but you have chronic PF issues from running?


      Basically, yep.


        BJJ tends to be lower impact than Judo.
        Although you do have to consider Leg locks which may or may not be prevalent at where ever you may train.



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