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Hey Bullshido! (intro thread)

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    Hey Bullshido! (intro thread)

    Hey Bullshido! I finally decided to make an account and post here after a few years of creepy lurking. Aren't you lucky!

    (No, no you are not.)

    How I found the site was through Seanbaby, though I can't remember what exactly led me here. I do know that I found a couple threads about his MMA/KB Cracked articles and then, somewhat by accident, a thread about an article I (completely forgot) wrote years ago showcasing a combination of drunken ignorance and bravado so stunning it's a wonder I didn't get some sort of belt for it. This is the thread (link split up because this is my first post):



    Obviously my ignorance was overshadowed only by my hubris, but all in all I'd say I got a fair shake from the Bullies, considering. I'd like to one day do a reworked version, only with the knowledge gained from reading the threads and articles here, as well as my own upcoming training.

    Full disclosure: my actual MA training consists of a month of Kung Fu when I was nine. I did a little boxing later in high school when Fight Club was a thing... Plus a few extracurricular fights. Youthful exuberance, you know.

    Now, in my early thirties and recovering from a serious opiate addiction and chronic alcoholism, I've decided to start training MMA to get my sad fat ass back into shape. Part of that decision was informed by, you guessed it, this place. Another part of that decision was informed by the realities of addiction recovery and cravings in which accountability is a huge factor.

    So that's my verbose and I guess kind of pointless introductory post. Hi!




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