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    More help needed

    I posted my intro thread "g'day from Qld" and I'm genuinely thankful for everyone's input from that thread.

    keep in mind I'm a 40 year old fat unfit guy

    A bit of a catch up is needed first. Short version- signed up at Australia combat academy, heaps of stressors in my life = minimal training, got a text that they're moving to better digs but at a considerable distance.

    being honest with myself, and considering my goals, I'm just not going to travel that distance. I mean, they're great guys. The training is legit (to me) but fark, up to 1 hour travel time (there and back)? I know myself. It's not going to happen

    So here's my questions

    Judo - 5 minutes away including getting in & out of my car. 3 days a week. Can do up to 6 if I'm willing to travel 15minute the other 4 days. No lock in contracts just pay as you go. Live training. Visited my local school, seems fun.

    Bjj school - haven't visited yet, but I know bjj is the real deal

    A TMA? Plenty around but are they legit?

    To be honest I'm probably wasting your time. Even training BJJ I'm thinking judo judo judo for some dumb reason.

    Really at the end of the day I'm after self defence & fitness & being able to hang with cool people.

    Do Judo.


      Judo ftw
      Originally posted by Mr. Machette
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      Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.


        Depends on the tma. If kyokashin then probably.
        Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.!/WhitsundayMartialArts


          I would recommend going with what you enjoy the most. There is a better chance you will stick with it and it is more likely to help alleviate stress. So if you really like Judo there is your answer. If you find you don't enjoy it as much as think you will, give BJJ a try.


            Well you've got a good choice to start with! The judo is close and convenient and hopefully quality. The BJJ lineage should be checkable and again good quality if legit.

            If it were me I'd try both and go with what feels right. Then keep looking if I felt the need.

            I recently had a choice between a local MMA club and a BJJ club. Was absolutely set on the MMA club. One evening, conveneience dictated I go to the BJJ club (Gi training) just to try it and have a work out and I'm now HOOKED! Didn't even go to the MMA one. No disrespect to them but I know me- after 22 years in martial arts I got that 'feeling' that told me I would study this sh1t with passion and desire so I'm going with the flow (or flowing with the go...).

            You'll know what is 'right' for you! And if you need any help checking out legitimacy I'm sure there'll be some Aussie Bullies here that could also help.

            Enjoy :)


              Originally posted by Jazz The Boxer View Post
              judo judo judo
              JUDO! JUDO! JUDO!
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                I like Judo because it covers both throwing and the ground ranges. It is rare for a BJJ gym to do more than cover one or two takedowns per year. They tend to stick to the ground range.

                Also Judo emphasizes what I think of as the most valuable of martial skills, breakfalling.
                Shut the hell up and train.


                  If you're in your forties, read Mark Law's autobiography, 'Falling Hard'. Long story short, it's about the author, an English journalist, entering the world of judo in his fifties.

                  It's a terrific read, and would likely be very inspirational in regard to starting something like judo when you're having doubts. It also contains a healthy dose of the history of judo, so that's another.

                  If you can read it and not feel compelled to do judo, I don't know what to believe in this crazy world anymore.

                  Oh, and in the meantime enroll in a judo class. You won't regret it!


                    Thanks heaps everyone

                    I've ordered the book & im looking forward to reading it.

                    I joined my local PCYC (YMCA equivalent) & had a few classes. It's dominated by school kids, even the seniors section my choice of training partners has been limited.

                    I'm keen to practice falling techniques but I'm not getting much practice. Of course it's only two days :-)

                    First impressions / thoughts

                    * my fitness level is atrocious
                    * the Ne-waza I've experienced so far would pwn anyone inexperienced on the ground - sure no Gracie level pwnage but pwnage all the same
                    * falling / being thrown is scary when you're expecting it & the throw isn't with the intention of hurting you. When you're not expecting it .......
                    * turtling is annoying - from a "street" perspective expect elbows to the back of the head at the very least...... That's what happened in a fight I watched a Gracie vs a ranked European Judoka

                    Thanks again everyone- I'm sure I'll annoy you all again with questions on how to make my training "street" also I'm unsure how to include strength & conditioning with skills training, if I should at all



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