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Edmonton for 2 months.

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    Edmonton for 2 months.


    I'll be in Edmonton for a couple of months near the end of the summer. I will be living about 10 minutes from the Grandin LRT station, the LRT being my primary mode of transportation. I have no Grappling experience whatsoever and would like to take the opportunity to check out a style and get as much from it as i can in my short stay. I would love to do CACC Wrestling however i did not find anything when i did a search. Can anyone recommend a style and gym that has a good reputation.


    (Judo is available in the place i call home but not much else so judo is not something im interested in while im in Edmonton.)

    Someone on another site suggested the little sweatshop.

    It says it is affiliated with sanke pit usa and teaches CACC and kali among other arts. Anyone been to this quaint little gym? would anyone have other recommendations. While this is my first choice im open to other suggestions.




      I lived in Edmonton for 20+ years and I can definitely say there is great training. I would personally go to arashido in North Edmonton for BJJ.

      Arashi Do North Edmonton

      I know Mike Yackulic for years, he is down to earth, a great instructor and really a good person.
      Mike has coached MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai for years and I could not think of a better guy to learn from.

      Hope this helps.


        Cheers man. I'll stop by for a visit.



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