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  • Ulsteryank
    So in regards to Slonki in "About us."...

    "Since that time, Slonski became the youngest black belt to achievew the rank of master [6th Dan] at the age of 39. He has since been promoted to 7th Dan in Shorei-Ryu, Koshu-Shorei, and Hawaiin Kajukenbo, as well as a 2nd Dan in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu."

    Then under his bio...

    "and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shinto yoshin jiu jitsu."...

    Say what? On the same site and all.

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  • BKR
    started a topic Extreme Budo !

    Extreme Budo !

    So I found this jewel of a spin-off profit center while gagging through Bohdi Sanders drek-filled website.

    The only thing more disgusting in this context is that there are people who buy into this crap.

    This fellow knows over 100 kata ! Wow ! And has advice on how you can too !


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