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Brown Belt Nogi Invitational

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    Brown Belt Nogi Invitational

    Hey there kids, do I HAVE a story for you.

    A story about the little tournament that could...

    It all started when a promoter told 8 competitors 2 days before that to compete at his event that they were invited to it would cost them $125... (not to mention there would no longer be a live feed and that it would cost $20 to attend)

    Obviously the competitors saw this as bullshit, and one by one they came together to take a stand.

    "No, we'll not have you make money off our names."

    Easily they could have caved as $1500 was the prize money.

    However one competitor had an idea, an idea that might work.

    Quickly he reached out to his instructor and several businesses to bring together enough money to host their own event.

    An event not tainted by trickery, sleaziness, or self-promotion. This event would be all about the competitors.

    Diligently 6 of the 8 worked together with several groups for 2 days to secure a location, two refs, a free live feed of the event, lowered the cost of admission ($5 compared to $20), a videographer/photographer, and in total raised enough money to give $1K to the winner, $300 to second, $150 to third, and enough to pay the remaining some cash.

    Below are the pictures of the event (video coming soon).

    I've had several people tell me this was the best event they've ever been to, "pure" "raw" "authentic were the words most used to describe it.

    We had several sponsors, anonymous donors, Art of Mind Productions, local BJJ black belts dedicate their time/energy to helping put this event on. Rob Ables of Marcelo Garcia Dallas (my instructor) did a large portion of the fundraising and secured a location for us. Alan Shebaro of Tier 1 Fitness generously hosted
    the event and provided all the competitors with Kill Cliff Energy Drink. Don Turnage (UFC/Legacy referee) and Chris Story (Evolve BJJ) were our referees.

    In the end we had 75 attendees, 91 viewers watching the live stream, and the event took about 2.5 hours.

    Last words. Don't take what people offer you if it's not worth it, this community will support people who are honest and want to do the right thing for the athletes.

    Competitor list

    Will Durkee (FightSports/Octagon MMA)
    BJJ Brown Belt under Cybrog, former UVA wrestler.

    Travis Conley (Renato Tavares)
    BJJ Brown Belt under Jason.

    Kyle Calkins (Marcelo Garcia)
    Office geek, Bullshido Bully, BJJ Brown Belt under Rob Ables,

    Clay Hantz (Vagabond)
    Former Pro MMA fighter, BJJ Brown Belt under Bruno Bastos.

    Brian Stuebner (Springfield BJJ)
    BJJ Brown Belt under Caio Terra.

    Randell Kennedy (Infinite Dynasty)

    BJJ Brown Belt under JD. Shelley & Bobby Pena, MMA fighter.



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