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Why all the Shou Shu hate?

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    More Stories?

    Originally posted by judoka01 View Post
    Nice post druid. Got any more stories?
    Yes, actually I do have more stories. That is sad considering that I have only trained in Shou Shu for 8 months and have so many stories about them. yet, I have trained in other arts including the McATA TKD and even that was better than Shou Shu. The entire system seems to revolved around the balls. My wife took a free class and couldn't stop laughing about all the testicle contact. There is one fancy testicle technique called the "scoop kick."
    I could write all day about Shoe Shoe, but I leave it at that for tonight.

    One interesting story, is that I met the Douche known as Sabutai Musashi when I was 15 and didn't realize how full of it he was yet. If you haven't heard of him, look him up. Nothing like an out of shape WHITE man named Musashi Sabutai who was adopted by a Japanese Ninja and can fight blind folded. WAIT .... wasn't that the story line of "Bloodsport." That must make him Frank Ducks or Dux, like put up you dukes.

    I will post more another day. Stay tuned for more idiotic stories of frauds form central California.


      More SHou Shu

      now since I have some time, I wanted to walks you guys through the fancy nut caressing shoe shoe move known as the "scoop kick."

      Imagine yourself in a front stance (shoo she "bow" stance) right leg forward, left back. The attacker somehow has his groin right over your knee. Raise the knee into the balls. pull your shin backwards scraping along the sack, and follow up by using the instep to drag the balls up and out. Then finish by bringing your leg all they way back landing in a left leg forward bow stance. Pretty fancy Huh? Then they tell me a spinning back kick is too fancy and will get me killed. Although, I agree a spin b kick is over kill and may make me vulnerable in a real fight, i think it is less fancy than the nut caressing scoop kick.

      It must be some sort of Freudian thing but I also noticed that the higher your degree of BB the longer your belt got to accommodate the animal patches. For those of you that don't know, on shoo shu black belts, they do not use bars, or lettering to indicate degree. They use 1" diameter patches with animals on them. To accommodate the amount of patches, going up to 7 on each side, the belt becomes very long. When I saw the black belts come in the first thing that came to me was the thought that the bigger the penis extension the greater your worth like those tribes in Africa with the dick cups where longer is better. Check out pictures on their site and youtube, you will see.

      I made it up to "low blue belt " in the time I was there. There is an average of 15 techniques per belt until brown belt level. Just about every other technique involves either a kick, knee, strike, or grab to the balls. In the earlier belts, they introduce you to "sparring techniques" all of them revolve around either a front snap, or roundhouse to the balls, followed by pulling the opponent arm down to open them up, then striking the face. First off, if just sparring, I wouldn't want to kick my partner in the nuts.

      All this nut attack stuff is covered in most women's self defense courses, no need to dedicate yourself to years of "the art of gnads."

      Also, we would have to wear the knot of our belts towards the left hip, or else it was a "formal challenge" to your instructor. Has anyone in a legitimate stye ever heard of this? I've only seen it elsewhere in Bok Fu Do which appears to be another non traditional SHou Shu type style. We also never had the same uniforms. If you tucked your shirt in reguarless if it was a GAP shirt, you where good. Many people wore Tai Chi style uniforms with Judo/karate style belts. It looked ridiculous.

      They also have weapons all over the school that you don't learn, some of the weapons like the Sai is not even Chinese. When did Da Shifu learn Sai in the mountains of China?

      One big lame thing that may impress the kids, but not any adult with a brain is that when the black belts train, you can not watch them, too secret. You are allowed to train in the school even when there is no class going on, but when the black belt class starts, they run you out the door. The ironic part is, the school is still a school, with all windows in front to attract business like most MA schools, so you can still see whats going on. It is really nothing but advanced material. More kata, more technique. So why the secrecy. Perhaps to give the Black belts more false ego, and to try to bring about that feeling of mystery that 1980"s kung fu movies used to portray. Goofy.

      One positive is that we did train in some grappling, but that was due to the teacher cross training in BJJ and sharing with us. It is not part of the SHu SHu curriculum.

      In regard the the original question, "why all the shou shu hate?" I hope I've summed it up. Dishonest founder. arrogance that they are the best style. Disrespectful bully style teachers. A lot of bragging with nothing to back it up. odd non chinese customs, in a professed chinese style. Cult following of fools. lack of discipline. Secretism in the age of google.

      You will work out, you will learn some self defense, there are some good people there, but there are better places to do this without the cons.

      Aside from Shou Shu and the "Ninjitsu" not NinjUtsu school I attended, I have had very positive MA experiences. I will post later about the Nijitsu with Sabutai.



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