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Want to own a gym in Myrtle Beach?

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    Want to own a gym in Myrtle Beach?

    I am hoping by UG/OG brothers and sisters can help out and at the same time find a person that this could be a huge opportunity for.


    As some of you may know, I owned a BJJ/MMA gym here in Myrtle Beach SC.

    I opened in Feb of 2013, and sold it in Dec 2013.

    Long story made short: In that time we went from 0 members to a nice solid gym with an OUTSTANDING kids program, and a great adult program... there was a time when we had every bit of talent in the area training under our roof (I said training, not paying) We did grow to the point were we had enough paying members to completely cover the bills each month (total overhead then of aprox $4500/month

    I outfitted the gym with the best of everything, a nice weight/fitness area, 2000' of zebra mats, Granite tile showers and locker rooms, lounge, tv's... many of you have been there and can attest to how nice it was. My goal was to build a BJJ/MMA gym with a clean health club style atmosphere.

    anyway... I fucked it up.

    I tried to give away more memberships than I sold, I engaged in bullshit and drama with the competing gyms, I had a fraud Blackbelt come through causing more drama and bullshit...I am only a purple belt trying to teach other purple belts, etc etc... but even through all that, we had a great place and a great atmosphere.

    Along the way I realized a few things... the other 2 businesses I own were suffering greatly because I was putting 95% of my time into something that made me no money (yet) and this was a major strain on my marriage and other relationships.

    I discovered I am NOT suited to be a gym owner, I do not have the personality for it... forget everything else... thats the one thing that no one will argue with.

    SO I sold it.

    I knew a guy that hated his situation, he and a partner agreed to come in and take it over.

    They agreed to give me a large down payment (they did) and then make 14 months of payments

    THey never made a payment.

    2 months after taking over they moved the business to a new location. The new location is NOT as nice as the old... frankly they did a shit job renovating the place. The mat area and training area are very nice... large, aprox 2500 sq ft... but the office, locker rooms and bathrooms need some touchup... they fucked up the flooring royally, the paint looks like it was done by a drunk teen girl, its all cosmetic and would cost next to nothing to finish right... it just needs someone who knows what end of a hammer to hit a nail with.

    As the takeover by new owners took place, and the move to a new facility, there was a mass exodus of people. Most went to the other 2 competing gyms in the area, some just are fed up with local drama and many did not like the new owners or conditions at the new school.

    Honestly, the best 2 fighters in the area did stay, 1 is teaching the kids classes. Both are loyal to a fault, and not part of the local BJJ politics.

    A few other of my members stayed... I will know today how many others the new owners put in place are there on contract.

    In short, I can tell you 1 fact and one educated guess: the TOTAL monthly overhead without payroll for the kids instructor is now $1350 a month. I will know today if I can get that dropped $250 ( I am renegotiating the lease with the landlord)

    There is aprox $800 to MAYBE $1000 a month coming in on contract right now...

    I have repossessed the equipment and facility from the non paying fucks that took it over.

    THis is my offer, you will never see a better one if you want to own a gym.

    Come take this place over... for free. You can have the entire thing. I am paying all bills to current for the month of July. New bills will be due Aug 1. (aprox $1350)

    You take the reins and run the place... you get it going... there is one hell of a head start for you... add a few members and you are profiting. You take all the profit. I want nothing for any of it.

    My name will remain on the lease and the equipment and mats are all mine and will remain mine, until you decide to buy the equipment. I will give you a PHENOMENAL price, and allow you to make little monthly payments... nothing will leave the place and my name will remain on the lease till paid in full. If you never want to buy the stuff... great, I dont care.

    I never want anything for it. You will never owe me anything.

    This is a "gym in a box" that has been started, just not finished.

    A person with ANY drive and motivation will be able to have the place running right and profiting in no time.

    A person from outside the area will not be a part of the local politics, and I know of several people interested in getting back to training right away, as long as they can avoid local bullshit.

    The only thing I ask in return is that the place be kept clean, and I have a place to come roll a few times a week, and bring my kids so they can do the same.

    There is a huge inventory of awesome gear and equipment, super nice mats, wall mats, heavy bags, fitness equip, its in a great location right in central Myrtle Beach...

    If someone with some business sense and motivation comes in, they will have a real nice gym by end of summer.

    I have pretty deep pockets, I can help out in the beginning...

    I just don't want to see the place close screwing the people that are training there, as well as taking away the one place in town many of us will go.

    I want NOTHING to do with the operation, management, marketing, NOTHING.

    I will help you with whatever you need in the beginning.

    There is a full bath/shower facility in the place, as well as a large room separate from things you can live in until you are set up.

    Ask around.. if you are with me you will want for nothing...

    The person doing this is doing me a huge favor, you will be treated accordingly!

    Like I said, I think for someone looking to get established, grow a gym, start a business for themselves, this is a huge opportunity... I literally willing to GIVE you a fully functional operating gym that already has top notch equipment, a membership base, great location, etc.

    Does it come with problems... yes, there is work to be done.

    Will you make a billion dollards, no.. but in 1 to 2 months time you will be generating enough for a frugal person to live off... if you know anything about gyms, by mid fall you should be doing very nice.

    I have many contacts in the area, I can help with almost anything... live at the place till you can afford it and I have rental property's I can put you in...

    Its an unorthodox situation, but if you are driven, have a work ethic, and motivation, this will be a great thing...

    I will answer short easy stuff here no prob... for longer answers, pm me your number, or find me on FB and then call me.

    Its not a perfect situation, but I just don't want to shut it down, be stuck selling gym equip for penny's on the dollar out of a storage unit... screw a bunch of people who train there, and not have a place to train myself...

    Thanks guys

    Note that I am not the one looking to unload a gym. This was brought to my attention via a FB group. Actually sounds legit. If I were down there, I'd definitely consider it.


      The owner also post in other mma forum and it seems he got several applicants already.
      From what I read, he just sick of the local gyms politics an need someone out of town that is not involved to take care of his gym, just to be a neutral ground for the group that only want to train, not thinking of politics.
      And the running cost he mentioned is so low, with the membership income already in the green.
      Really too good to be true offer, but also can't say any negative thing on it...
      Just want for him and his son to be able to roll there, and you don't need to pay for the equipment if you don't want to (he still the owner of the equipment s though), and even let you stay there and help with the gym expenses for several months...

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