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You all SUCK!

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    You all SUCK!

    Forget about controlling a drunk as+hole with no idea about fighting with your puny BJJ. It's so much more manly when you threaten the people at gun point and chalk up a few kills. Shoot him.

    Forget about the ability to deal with a stress of being punched learned from striking arts. Your gun will always be in your hand, cocked and loaded, no need to make a fist or absorb a punch. The assailant won't stand a chance. Shoot him.

    Forget about combatives which give you at least a bit of a chance against the stick, bottle or knife. You'll have a piece out before the attacker gets close enough. Shoot.

    If you're having health issues, go to the doctor. If he fu++ks up, shoot him.

    Why are we all in this BS again? It's good for nothing except for relieving you of your money and getting you killed and injured.

    Forget MacYoung, he talks tough.
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    No, you suck.


      No homo.


        Sorry guns don't kill people.

        I do.
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