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A ninjer better than Chuck Norris?

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    Originally posted by ermghoti View Post
    "Garth" is amazing.

    "Here's a video of real seldom defence, so you can see how that couldn't work in sports."

    "That video is fake as shit, dumbass. You're stupid, even by BBT standards."

    "How do you know that's fake?"

    "Because it's hilariously, obviously fake. You have magic powers to detect the intent to attack, but you can't see through this dinner theater level pouncing about?"
    Considering these are the guys who think Hatsumi doing overcomplicated moves to guys who hang their arm out there for him demonstrates some sort of god-like fighting prowess its not too surprising he can't spot an obviously staged demo.

    Kind of reminds of some chun guy on here awhile ago who thought the fight scenes in Ip Man were good examples of chun in action...

    I don't post over there for the same reason I don't argue with a 3 year old child. There's no point debating someone who's grasp of reality is so tenuous.


      ^Certainly, but even in that Koolaid punch bowl they were spotting it, and he wouldn't let go. Claimed to be a bouncer too, or was that some other LARPer?


        They're all bouncers, LE, and ex-military, and they use they're stuff constantly in real combat, not that fake cage fighting stuff.


          Cheezuz, Fox, why the hell did I click on that link...

          Kool-aid spiked with 100% grade JP fuel. Do you know what they've been smoking/snorting/shooting?


            I finally figured it out. Hatsumi colored his hair purple so he could hide in a blueberry bush.


              Originally posted by baby_cart View Post
              That's why I'll probably never gonna join MAP. Making claims but not providing proof for the sake of anonymity yet asserting some authority by claiming (yet again) connection to authority(without verification) doesn't sit well with me.
              MAP is Yin to Bullshido's Yang.

              People get away with less at Bullshido because of the truth-or-die nature of the site. But it's not a perfect system.

              MAPs model is more inclusive and less interrogative which promotes lively discussion, but at the price of the anonymous internet ninjas.

              The best of both worlds? Try to lure the internet ninjas and rotten lying bastards over here. I know I do.


                Originally posted by baby_cart View Post
                Do you know what they've been smoking/snorting/shooting?
                Hatsumi cawk.


                  This is what happens when a journalist writes a martial arts piece.

                  There are many, many 15th dans now. Perhaps quite a few of them have the same lack of basic historical knowledge like this one.

                  As far as helping " Bujinkan's cred " Hatsumi is doing his own thing and could give two shits about that.


                    I am curious as to what the Facebook ninjers think of him.


                      Originally posted by DarkPhoenix View Post
                      I am curious as to what the Facebook ninjers think of him.
                      There isn't a central FB Bujinkan page. Jake seems to be a local celebrity of sorts. On his discussion page they were talking quality control in the dojos, which Jake accurately depicted as being left up to the individual instructors.



                        Originally posted by Permalost View Post
                        Geez, the MAP posters defending Hatsumi's dan bonanza are really grasping at straws. Why does he have so many uberdans? Pick one:
                        -he's a sneaky ninja and doing so is just more sneaky ninja stuff.

                        -he's appeasing folks by giving them rankings, like a mom buying a ninja Halloween costume for an annoying brat.

                        -he's cultivating drones for financial reasons so he can continue to train an elite inner circle in the real shit.

                        -he's doing it to troll other styles where ranks are hard to get.

                        I thought this post was on point:

                        W.Rabbit, are you Wooden Hare over there?
                        There's a fourth explanation: everyone and their ninja brother is trying to get rank for fear of one of two things happening.

                        First is that the Hombu dojo is going to fade from existence.
                        The second is that there is a very real possibility that the Bujinkan will cease to exist once Hatsumi passes into Togakure-ryu afterworld.

                        There are a few people jockeying for position right now, to lay claim to successorship once Hatsumi passes. There was a rumor that he had picked a successor, another Japanese shihan that many foreigners do not know. Adding further to the intrigue, that successor would not admit or teach any more round eyes after he assumes Soke-ship.

                        Unfortunately there are some that spend more time spinning tales than they doing working on the material. Bujinkan is no stranger to politics and in-fighting. No two 15th dans are created equally.



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