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Taiji vs Lutte - Translation anyone?

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    Taiji vs Lutte - Translation anyone?

    Posting this before I go of and try not to get too drunk.

    Anyone up fpr a rough translation? Would love to know what is being said.

    Happy New Year to all!

    Nice video! Thanks for sharing!
    So, I'll name the wrestling guy "L" and the taiji guy "TJ". My translation is quite literal, and I didn't bother to make it into nice sentences. The guys are not always wordsmiths, but hell...

    0:50 : L : I started attacking, then I was defending, I was trying to advance but I couldn't.

    1:26 : TJ : He went for my legs, I bent over, and placed my weight on my right leg and made him fall.

    1:39 : L : In regards to Taiji moves, I saw from the beginning that you have a lot of leg power, and I couldn't go further, or I would be using too much power. One of the tings I could do was use the pressure to come (? wut?)

    2:27 : L : Afterwards, on the ground, as he was holding my neck strongly, the person (TJ?) can defend and keep going on, and wait like we sometimes do. That's why I was careful not to rest my back on the ground because that would be bothersome. This is why when he was trying to flip me, even if he had my neck , I didn't make any effort to escape, so that he would use an other strategy, and so that I wouldn't become tired.

    3:18 : L : Here, when you're staying like this, you get tired and your arms go tired. Don't hesitate to use Taiji moves. The arms pushes from the inside, then get into a better position, that will let you get up.

    3:46 : L : The moves are the same standing and on the ground. When you are holding, you can get tired and afterwards, and the person on top will start doing stuff, but if you have your arms on the inside and you start to make some space, you can pay attention to where you place your feet and your legs, then you come back on your legs and that's where you guys are strong.

    4:11 : TJ : I think he's right and it makes me want to get into ground fighting. I think pinning your opponent to the ground is an effective technique.

    4:27 : L : Lutta libre is a ground fighting system where you begin on your feet. 90 % of the fighting here happens on the ground. Now I'll show you a takedown.

    4:48 : L : Each time we fight we have one leg forward and one leg behind, so that we can at the same time attack and defend. We try to get our contacts (grips), and from there find an opening to enter. There I lift him to take him to the ground. From here I try to attack with a lock, a choke, etc..., it all depends on the opponent's reaction.

    5:36 : TJ : A taiji technique : Let's say you put your hand on my shoulder, you attack me with power, and I'll deflect your attack without using power. I let him come at my left to lower the power of his attack and I couter attack to his right. I dont push on his arm, I punch under his armpit at a very precise point to take his balance, and I push him to my side. At the end there are similarities with luta libre, except in taiji we fight on our legs instead of on the ground.


      Thanks for the translation ttoto, much appreciated.



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