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Cuddles finally got to cuddle! :D

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    Cuddles finally got to cuddle! :D

    Hi guys, so I'm sure a few of you know how I've started wrestling and whatnot at my school. Currently, it's an inter-highschool team, since I've gotten approval from way too many people to start something like this.

    Anyways, after a few complications and 17 more meetings [with coaches, vice-principals, athletic directors, and SIA from both my school and my "wrestling" school] since I last posted, I've finally got my letter of appeal approved by CIF (I sent that thing in like 5 months ago!!!)

    I'll need to participate in 20 Varsity matches to go into the Freelance division of the Northern division.

    Also, because my vice-principal isn't willing to field other schoolmates who've expressed interest in wrestling, I'm sadly the only wrestler at my school :(

    I got a membership with USA Wrestling and had my first tournament today! I was pretty nervous and the adrenaline gassed me hard after the first match. (I went with the High School I'm partnered with)

    I'll post some videos in here later (the coach has them right now. I'll probably get them after Wed practice and upload them on youtube), but I competed in Novice for 142-147 (I was 142; the lightest. After eating and drinking I popped up to 145 and after lunch I was at 147)

    I got first place 3-0 hehe.

    So, story time:
    Match 1
    The first guy was competing in both JV and Novice, and I was his first match that day. (He was sandbagging/getting more experience in Novice)

    According to the referee, I "tech-pinned" him in the 3rd period. (I was up by 16 points or something but scored a pin) There weren't any difficulties there, except that I noticed he was moving veerrrryyy sloowwlllyy (My shots landed with barely any set up, I didn't have to use more intricate maneuvers). Everything was in slow motion, though I credit that to the adrenaline.

    In the third period, he started on top and I was tired from the adrenaline rush, so I figured I'd wait it out and win by points.

    But then my coach started shouting at me, "STAND UP STAND UP" so I stood up and got 2 points for reversal. I scored near-fault points and then pinned him.

    Match 2
    My second match came up really quickly, so I was gassed by the end of the first period. I had a lateral and got like 6 near-fault points, but I couldn't finish since I wasn't sure how to adjust.

    Then he started playing really dirty. He was smacking my head and grabbing my headgear and pulling on it :( He also dug his nails in. Which kinda ruined the experience of my first tournament.

    I kept it clean though, and he almost pinned me with a head and arm. He was scoring near-fault points, and I was tired, so I figured I'd wait there until the clock rang. However, I heard the ref say, "Almost there, almost there" meaning that I was almost pinned. So then I struggled and flopped and got out in a few seconds. After that, I was tired but I knew I was up by points, so I just hung on him and wouldn't let him go. I won by points.

    Match 3
    This was an extra match against another person in my division because our coaches knew each other and wanted to compete to see who's wrestler was better. I got plenty of rest for this one, so I was fresh.

    He was big, but nice.
    Anyways, when we started, I went for a shot, but I messed it up. I rushed it and didn't step in deep enough, so my head was in his stomach at a weird angle. I didn't want to use all my energy for a double leg blast though, so I got back up.

    As he tied up, I used the advantage of wrestling left-handedly by hooking my left hand in with his right in a wizzer. (I'm right handed, but learned to wrestle with left shots and tie-ups because it felt more comfortable.)

    I used a lateral and tried to pin him. He almost escaped by rolling to his left, but I think he gave up on that because he tried rolling to the right after like 10 seconds. Unfortunately, I was on his right side, so he rolled right into me. I got the pin and won in 38 seconds or so into the first period.
    I'll post videos up in this thread whenever I get them. It won't be on Monday, since I'll give coach a USB for the videos and not Tuesday since I have a date with my gf.

    Also, if anyone knows any wrestling clubs around Cerritos or Norwalk, please let me know. According to CIF rules, I'm not allowed to practice with another High School's wrestling team after October 31 so I'm looking for a place to practice.

    Thanks a ton guys :)

    Shoutouts to all you bullshido guys for starting me up on wrestling! Hopefully next year, I'll get a team.

    Special thanks to:
    CHS Wrestling for being great and friendly!
    Coaches for teaching me so well!
    Dad for watching my matches and calling me weak after every single one haha
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    Oh, and I learned:
    Don't be nervous.
    Have fun.
    Drink water.
    Sleep even if you're excited for tomorrow.
    Stretch and warm up! (I couldn't do either because after weighing in, my dad had to go to his job site about 2 miles away, so I went with him. By the time I got back, matches were already starting so the mats were taken and coach was displeased with me.)

    Oh, and did I mention cardio?
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      Congrats keep it up. Any idea of where u are going to train?


        Congratulations. Your dedication to training will set you out in the front.
        P.S. Always remember your cardio.


          Originally posted by goodlun View Post
          Congrats keep it up. Any idea of where u are going to train?
          I have no idea. I need to find a place before October ends though, or I'll be left hanging in season.

          My coach told me the clubs he normally sends kids to basically close once high school season starts.

          Edit: Damn, I'm hurting today. That was brutal. The inside of my lips are hurting because I have braces and got smacked in the face. That feel when you're peeling your lips off of your teeth after a match. Yikes.
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            May I make the added suggestion that maybe your anaerobic conditioning should be equally as strong if not stronger than your cardio?


              Good for you!


                Good job! Way to go after your goal despite the set backs. That says a lot about your character.



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