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    First Competition

    Well, I will be going to my first competition this weekend; BCCMA Quingda sparring comp. in Kent.

    Semi/Light contact rules - with some surprising restrictions.

    No direct to face attacks (jabs) - even if the make contact or not.
    No hook punches or kicks (apparently these are classed as full contact techniques?)
    Power to be around '10%' - not sure how they mean to measure that. I assume that means don't try and kill each other.

    No grappling in this comp but we are allowed takedowns/pushouts.

    Not very keen on the technique restrictions but overall I'm looking forward to it albeit a bit nervous.

    I will try and get some video to post up for dissection and ridicule!

    Good luck man.

    With those restrictions I might be inclined to just throw bodyshots and try for the takedown.


      I competed in the over 36 (veteran) category in the over 100kg heavyweight class.

      5 comptetitors in this class. I got lucky on the draw and didn't have to fight an initial round but went straight to the semi-finals.

      I am in the red shirt.

      I was nervous as hell but enjoyed the day. Gave me alot of opportunity to really see other people outside of my gym in a recognised competition. I am a bit disappointed with my performance - too slow, hardly seemed to throw anything at my opponents.

      I am pleased that I managed to fight these rounds without gassing myself out. I remember my first weeks of training where I could barely spar for 30 seconds without callapsing. My coach told me that I did well given it was my first competition and although I got a pummeling I made sure I didn't just back up and get bullied off the mat - so there is that.

      I'm happy at having competed and it's given me another measure of my abilities. I need to train harder. Don't be hestitant and keep throwing good combos - put more pressure on my opponent. Oh, and work on some sort of takedown defence.

      I still come away with a silver medal - the next one will be a gold.



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