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Oldbury Martial art schools Birmingham

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    Oldbury Martial art schools Birmingham

    Hello there, well, now I've found where I may be staying for the next few months I may no longer have to train at home and may be in an area with a few Martial arts gyms.

    Wondering if anyone can help my out here, I should be staying around the Oldbury area in Birmingham. Been looking for a few gyms around there online. Wondering if there's anyone here that has experienced any of these gyms and could tell me if there's any good ones or if there's some to watch out for.

    I'm really frustrated at the moment and got the urge to train. It's frustrating and I get a great deal of envy for most the people on these forums who can train every day if they wanted to. Have a gym they frequent and can perfect their skills as a martial artist.

    I keep trying to work my way into Martial arts, however cause I'm always on the move it's hard to get a regular gym. I'm 22 years old and not getting any younger and it frustrates me that I can only train one day a week at the moment when I get back home. I get that momentum and I lose it through the week cause there's no where to train.

    I keep coming back to this place and it's hard to justify it cause, I feel I've got nothing to offer people due to my own relative inexperience.
    I want to be a martial artist, I love the stuff.

    So I'm asking if anyone can help me out here, if they know a good gym in the area so I can keep training and maybe slate this urge. I'd be thankful for any information that people can give me.

    I seem to remember that there is high quality BJJ in Birmingham. I think it may be Gracie Barra and may involve Braulio Estima. If so, try it out. Apologies I'm wrong.

    Good Luck.


      :) thank you, I remember there being a Vitor Estima up in Nottingham where I was last working. Went to a gym up there where he taught but never got the chance to train under him before we moved areas. Wonder if they are related.

      Could give them a try if I'm close enough. Did manage to find a gym for the Shukokai Karate Federation. Two which, for the house we were previously going to move into, wasn't too far off and I hear Sukokai is a full contact style. However we, has of today have had to chose new diggs. So have to wait until Monday to get the address and find out what is nearby.


        I met these guys at the FMA festival yesterday and they struck me as pretty serious customers. I'm not sure if weapons are your thing, and I know nothing about Birmingham's geography, but you might want to check them out:

        (I know the link says chun, but it seems to be a seperate group in the same venue).


          Thanks Fuzzy, though not all that bothered about training weapon styles as cool as that sounds. Mostly looking for stand up hand to hand fighting styles. Trained Iaido for a few months before and could never get into it. Guess I enjoyed the contact and the kicking :).

          Honestly, given that I've moved diggs, going to have a look into my location in Birmingham and look for what gym is nearby.



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