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Two Hours of KTFO

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    Two Hours of KTFO

    You're welcome. Unless you get fired for dicking off watching YouTube, in which case, I am totally blameless for your lack of self-control. Yeesh, some people.
    "Systema, which means, 'the system'..."

    Originally posted by strikistanian
    DROP SEIONAGI MOTHERFUCKER! Except I don't know Judo, so it doesn't work, and he takes my back.
    Originally posted by Devil
    Why is it so goddamn hard to find a video of it? I've seen videos I'm pretty sure are alien spacecraft. But still no good Krav.
    Originally posted by Plasma
    At the point, I must act! You see my rashguard saids "Jiu Jitsu vs The World" and "The World" was standing in front me teaching Anti-Grappling in a school I help run.
    Originally posted by SoulMechanic
    Thank you, not dying really rewarding in more ways than I can express.

    Nice find, there's some great finishes in here. I'm only up to 23:16.
    Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.



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