In light of certain things going on and my not wanting another single penny going in a certain cocksucker's pocket, I need help with a school I've found. This place looks legit, I'm 95 percent sold on it. Of course I used the search function here and scoured the internet for as much info as possible. Nothing negative came up so I figured anyone who has gone to this gym or knows what's up could give some legit feedback. Newbietown seemed the logical place for this. I hardly have time to post and this forum stood out from all the other ones. I'm 100 percent confident you guys will have the most reliable info since this site helped me make a good choice before. No offense to the school I'm inquiring about, I hope any representatives/students realize I don't have patience for greed or charlatans anymore.
Thanks in advance for you ladies and gent's time. The school is Philadelphia Fight Sports, it looks like the head instructor is Anthonty Galeano. I don't think I can post links here sorry. It should come right up in any search engine though. Anthony seems like a really cool dude, what I've found so far seems positive. I just want to be 100 percent sure. Thanks!