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10,000 Hours of Rolling?

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    Originally posted by ChenPengFi View Post
    There are certainly people who have spent 10,000 hours doing something and still suck at it.
    This is true, the caveat is you need to spend those 10,000 hours practicing right.

    I would suggest that if someone spent 10,000 hour rolling with only white belts will get really good at beating white belts but not much ever.
    Of the single rapier fight between valiant men, having both skill, he that is the best wrestler, or if neither of them can wrestle, the strongest man most commonly kills the other, or leaves him at his mercy.
    –George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence


      I just did the math for myself. I'm at approximately 5,600 hours after 13 years of BJJ. That's 12 hours a week for two years when I started, 8 hours a week for the next nine years, and 6 hours a week for the last two years. I'm surprised by how low my total is.

      Hmm, I need to find a way to train more.
      Shut the hell up and train.



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