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    hi from Aiki Pat

    i would like to introduce my self and start adiscution on martial training and age, ie at what age would an MMA "players" training/ practise, become more harm than good. ? where do all the old fighters go when the fight is over, my answer My answer "Aikido" discuse.

    With enough work on your mobility and proper warming up, you can do jiujitsu for a long time.

    I typically recommend people who are feeling the effects of age take up the most martial of arts, firearms. But given where you appear to live, your options might be limited on that.


      Welcome to the site Pat.

      I'm situated roughly an hour from you on the opposite site of the river, Which Aikido club do you study at? I know of two within Hull, Rising Sun and the Zenshin Kokoro Aikido

      I know (or knew) the instructors at both clubs. are there other clubs ?

      One stand point which you will come to realise from this site specifically, is that we advocate "aliveness" in training. that is to say in lay terms, that what you study, what you practice will function against fully resisting opponents, and training isn't reliant on partners being compliant in their approach.

      Sadly the vast majority of aikido dojo within the UK (possibly world wide) fail to train in an alive manor, this results in students often genuinely believing their skill sets will offer them self protection when needed, sadly that isn't the case.

      I studied both Aikikai and Iwama styles of aikido for nearly 26 years, I held a middle senior dan grade and fukushidoin (assistant instructor) status within my teacher's dojo.

      Click image for larger version

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      (That's me teaching in my own dojo)

      Training doesn't require competitiveness throughout one's life so you can continue to train/study into old age, all you need is sincerity to study in a way which doesn't lead you into a false sense of security. As you get older you tailor your training to suit your capabilities.

      Again welcome to the site.


        But also: guns.


          Cacoy Canete was/is still teaching and training in his form of Doce Pares into his 90s.

          Marc Denny is still training MMA to some degree with Lyoto Machida's gym in his (I believe) 70s.

          Dan Inosanto earned his BJJ black belt at a reasonably advanced age also.

          Granted these are pretty extra-ordinary individuals, but you should be able to train just about anything well into your old age provided you and your partners modify your training and expectations to take your limitations into account.


            Plug for kendo - if you want a style that will let you mix it up with the young guys well into your twilight years, kendo is it. Just had my ass handed to me by a 72 year old a couple of weeks ago.



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