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We're hosting a Throwdown! Hi, i'm TKDbrah

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    We're hosting a Throwdown! Hi, i'm TKDbrah

    I am TKK brah - I do TKD

    Specifically i teach TKD 6 days a week.

    I'm going to be competing in AMMA Events pretty soon, looking to go pro. Mostly because TKD doesn't have much beyond the games, although i am shooting for 2016.

    I'm 21

    My full experience is
    10 years TKD, in 2 months it'll be 11.
    1 year Gracie BJJ
    1 year MMA

    I'm 6'3 at 155 and will be rolling/sparring during the throwdown.

    That thread is right here - (i'll add it in a second.)

    I'm pretty much open to questions, ask away.

    Erg, can't edit this - if a mod can add it, i'll be happy


      You might want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the community and what a Throwdown is before you claim to be hosting one. Try attending one of our Throwdowns first.



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