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I almost got myself an infraction for this.

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    I almost got myself an infraction for this.

    I do not have anything to add about Luke Holloway, but I have useful information on one of his followers, Thomas Lynch of Raw Combat So Cal (stage name: Thomas Morgan). He is mentioned on page 19 of this thread. When our paths crossed several years ago, I found out he was operating as a con-artist (long story), and so we are no longer on good terms, but here are the facts.

    Thomas was recently in Japan for a three-month stint as an English teacher at an acting school (see here:, and he sells himself as an actor everyone else.
    *YouTube channel where he is a "Hawaii expert" and "Adventure show host"
    *IMDB resume (
    --> Notice his prior job titles: Bouncer, Criminal Justice Instructor (?), Water Sports Manager

    As a judoka myself, the techniques of this "judo expert" make me cringe. These techniques are terribly executed, and betray a startling lack of randori training (judo-type free sparring). Look for yourself.

    (Comments are disabled for this video -- no surprise!)

    Their tough-guy walk, posing, smirking and wisecracks into the camera, and use of scantily-clad ladies (eye candy?) almost make me wonder if this video is a parody, but they are really serious. A good Judo friend of mine (highly ranked) told me that Thomas Lynch's techniques were about at a level of a green belt. I agree.

    If these are the "experts", then from a Judo perspective, and from an ethical perspective, you should run away as fast as possible from people like Thomas Lynch and Luke Holloway.

    In a nutshell, a quote from Nietzsche:
    "You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!"
    Zeros are the people like Thomas Morgan Lynch who have no true ability and provide empty boasting.
    Prove it on the mat!


    Whilst I understand the link between Holloway and Lynch, this is NOT the thread in which to start a rant about Lynch and his apparent lack of ability.

    As someone with just six posts here, I'm moving your post out of this thread and into Newbietown.

    I suggest, before you post in MABS again, you fully read and understand the policy for operating in this forum.

    Now, you entitled your post "Thomas Lynch = Con-artist" yet you avoided explaining why:

    1, You are no longer on good terms
    2, What your relationship was to Lynch in the first place.

    Just because Lynch has some form of association with Holloway, doesn't give justification for you to use that as a platform for taking a big stab at Lynch.

    You need to explain yourself and the connection to Lynch being a Con-artist.

    Culled from:
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      Fair enough.
      Maybe I'll re-edit the post to make it more relevant to the thread.


        No, just redo your post and make a MABS worthy thread. A simple way is to show what training he had with Holloway, how little he knows of judo and a website where he makes outrageous claims. Provide links and then add something tying him back to Holloway.


          After being put in detention here, I was expected to be lambasted, and so I appreciate the guidance. Like you suggest, I will stick to verifiable facts.


            I'd still like my questions answered.


              I can answer your questions, but not on a public forum. Moreover, the issues go far beyond martial arts. Still, I stand behind 100% what I said. He has a "history" so to speak.

              I tried to keep the post on topic in my own way, and I was careful to provide sources.
              Still, I will retool it even more to make it more relevant to the topic.

              "It is Fake"'s suggestions are valuable, but I am not sure this is worthy of its own thread.

              Thanks again for the helpful guidance.



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