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    I am a very, very long time lurker since hmm at least 2006? Probably before then my memory fails me. I found this site originally because you guys were attacking the school I was in, and honestly it shook me to the core. I wanted to post all those times in defense of my school but really I had alot of unanswered questions. I went to a school where I wasn't allowed to train anywhere else, we only did point sparring, and hell I wasn't even allowed to go to the gym and workout. I KNOW this screams that I should have used my common sense but I didn't and it was only after I was kicked out that I came to my senses.

    So I'd just like to say thanks, you know all those times when you call bullshit on a school? They actually help, though it took me many, many years to find a new place to train. I was training in a mcdojo for many years and I recently started doing grappling / striking at a MMA gym :)

    In reference to MMA, holy crap is it awesome! I mean all those questions I had from doing traditional martial arts get answered! You know the real question like will this work? Well 150% of the time I didn't for me. Also, it's freaking hard, I mean I want to vomit half the time and yes I am pushing myself but no I am not matching the pace of the class.

    And MAN they had me hook line and sinker, all these little theories of how martial arts work etc... etc...

    So anyhow if you hadn't brought some disbelief into me I'd still be doing shit training, that would never work and ultimately get me killed some day.

    OH MAN! Then theres the stuff like well it's a sport it's not real! Are you kidding me? Seriously, if your in a ring fighting someone, they're gonna try and put a hurt on ya! HOW IS THAT NOT REAL? And seriously if you CANNOT do it in sparring, or in a ring what makes you think you can do it in real life? I mean you have perfectly even ground, it's 1vs1, hell you all warmed up, you know you aren't going to be sucker punched etc... etc...

    Sorry, needed to vent a bit! So anyhow thanks alot! Hopefully I'll meet some of you on the mat someday :)

    I do have a current goal to compete in a grappling competition, as grappling has generally different tiers beginner etc... I'm not sure if muay thai competition's are the same.

    Also I devour grappling stuff, so if you have particular books, or vids you think are worth watching for this newbie then just message me! Striking stuff I also love, I'm currently watching lots of Buakaw

    Welcome to Bullshido.
    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.


      Which school or thread?


        shoot I cannot post links hmm there has got to be a way around this anyhow I can't find the specific thread, though the one I'm trying to link started I believe in 2003? But I think I found this site (and several others) through a different forum.

        School was Temple Kung Fu



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