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    Another guy from Brazil

    Hi guys,

    I see there is a ton of good info around the site, and that will take me a long time reading and learning from you. Just wanted to say hello and be polite. I am a guy from Brazil, training BJJ currently. I trained 6 years under Claudio Godoy in Sao Paulo, where I've got my purple belt. Then I moved to a smaller city 200km away two and a half years ago. There wasn't jiu jitsu training here, so I started one. Sometimes, when my job allows, I go to Sao Paulo to improve my bjj skills, but that is not very often. Sometimes I also roll with graduated people from nearby cities, but most of the time I'm teaching and rolling with white belts.

    I have almost no experience in striking (one and a half month of muay thai once, then one and a half month of muay thai in another place, never sparred). I did one vale tudo with a friend once using only mma gloves as protection and having only the rules of not bitting, not poking the eyes and not striking the groin. I also needed to fight twice in the street in these years since I started training, once drunk against a boxer when I had just received the blue belt (two years of training) and once against two thugs who wanted to steal my money. Add a couple of times the skills were used to control a friend who has bipolar disease and another situation a friend who was on cocaine.

    I wanted to learn striking, but unfortunately it is hard to find a good place where I live now. As my last resource, I'm almost gathering some good friends willing to spar to see if I can learn something.

    I love the way you fight fraud in martial arts. I have these dreams of maybe one day start to visit gyms all around, politely asking the instructors some questions and inviting them to friendly spar. It would be awesome to record this and make a book or documentary, ymas-style but including a much wider range of schools. Maybe someday in the future when I have more free time available. It would be wonderful to have some site similar to yours in our language, not that I currently have the guts and time to start one myself.

    I will bring some footage of rolling or competition in the future. Meanwhile, there is a video of me being thrown around in 2008 when I've got my purple belt. I am the taller guy in the video. You can find it in youtube searching for "Graduacao bigato e dilon" (sorry the site doesn't allow me to post links yet because it is my first post). I also just discovered that there is another bigato teaching bjj and posting some videos on youtube, but that is not me.

    Thanks for the site and for your work to promote truth.

    Bjj isn't that only useful in the ring? Ya know because of bottles and knives.


      Welcome to Bullshido. Good to hear from you. If you ask around perhaps you can find someone with boxing or kickboxing experience who can help train standup striking. It doesn't have to be a school or dojo, just an experienced striker can give pointers and respond and take you and your friends in good directions much better than a group of guys watching some video and training - though that is better than not training (hey, fly me or one of the other experienced guys down and we'd be happy to coach!).

      Here's your test video. I like this video. That's some pretty hard throws! When testing is this hard it takes one to another level.

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        Yeah David, and you know, it's only a sport! :-) After all you can't hit the groin!


          Thanks for linking the video, patfromlogan. Judo guys would tell us that's nothing to brag about, it's almost daily routine to them. But that's was only the part of the test that the teacher allowed us to post on youtube. Before that we were bullied to exhaustion through a lot of hard physical exercises. The another guy doing the test passed out short after that, but recovered and completed it. In the end we also had the pleasure to roll with the teacher, just to find out that tapping out was worthless this time... I didn't sleep but was very close. You're right, the whole experience really takes the person to another level. But these days the tests are much lighter over there. Thanks for the welcome.
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            Welcome bigato!

            Wish you good luck in finding people to spar/train with. Please keep us informed how things are going.

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              Originally posted by bigato View Post
              Yeah David, and you know, it's only a sport! :-) After all you can't hit the groin!
              This guy gets it.


                Welcome to Bullshido.

                I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.


                  Motherfucking hell, man, you've got a lot of experience behind you, mayne. Welcome to Bullshido, I look forward to your technical analysis and your relating your experiences of using BJJ out there on them streets.
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                  being a dick with skill is only marginally better than being a dick without skill.


                    Thanks guys for the welcome and for the willingness to help me! I'm looking forward to learn with you all and to be as useful as I can. I will sure keep you posted!



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