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Most memorable injury and how you overcaim

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    Most memorable injury and how you overcaim

    Hey asshats. What's your most memorable injury. Mine just happened yesterday. Currently in a hand splint, broken nose, cut eye, and busted lip protruding into what looks like a middle eastern sloth...

    Realistically what I look like:

    What I feel like:

    Yes, what makes this injury interesting, also memorable is how it occurred and was played out in the ER. Also. Did you know that real estate is code for sex?

    Yesterday morning I woke up to get ready for the day and all it's glory. My usual routine. My usual routine is to do anaerobic in my weight room and stretch while I was stretching, the dumb bell rack had been leaning to a side. Soon to find myself unconscious and broken underneath them for two hours till I managed to crawl myself to my bathroom staining blood everywhere and checked the time. It was 7a.m. I began at 5a.m. At the ER. I found myself with a decent looking one. I began engaging in small talk to find out she was a realtor, gone nurse, with a husband, who later got my number out of information after I had told her i was an investor and that I didn't usually carry business cards to the ER. This is truth since they're only in both my Rolodex and brief case :yaoming: I later that night i got a text "hey this is Stephanie from er. this is my number". So I'm thinking.. am I going to respond? Hell no, Do I feel decent again? Fuck yes. That's what made this memorable.

    What's your worst, or most memorable injury yet to date? What was memorable about it? Point if it involves in martial arts. The hand splint for hand was from judo two weeks ago I didn't even know occurred until I got a CaT scan.
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    I've never really taken any serious injuries in my martial arts career. The only really memorable wound I received was a gash on my head caused by the headgear of a heavyweight wrestler. I had to wear a sock thing on my head, which made me look like a candlestick.
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      This year, torn meniscus, torn MCL. Surgery, PT. Back in action. I was out for about seven weeks. Being older I no longer have the "OMG I'm missing training" thing. Really wasn't a big deal except for all the hobbling around at the begining.


        Doing a boardbreak in krotty, and my instructor decides the Mawashi Geri with the ball of the foot doing the break into the board. Of course, my toes don't bend as far as his, but does that stop me? No.

        My toe sails directly into the board and bends backward. Board smashed. Me permanently crippled, all the tendons torn and swollen, so what grows back is weak, bulky, and the toe doesn't bend much.

        Boards do hit back.
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          I could never do that ball of the foot stuff either.


            Yeah the ball of the foot thing really hurt me at first. Now my toes only bend up ad look like something that a mexican circus abandoned.


              A little more than two weeks ago my left calf cramped up during sparring, the next day my left heel became very sore, almost as though it was bruised.

              Yesterday I went on my first run since the injury, my calf and heel felt good at the start but I had to stop before even the first mile because the pain came back. Now this morning I'm back to limping with the odd sensation in my calf muscle like it may try to cramp up at anytime.

              It's an injury that has me a bit paranoid and hopefully soon I can repost on how I overcame it.


                Busted my left foot something awful a couple years back.

                I was practicing some kicks on the heavy bag. The stand had these metal pegs sticking up from the base for putting weights on. So I'm being carefull with my angles and doing a few at 60% power to warm up.

                I'm feeling pretty good. My acuracy is good, my hits are good, my form is good. I'm ready to throw FULL POWER!!!

                I chamber, I kick...

                ...I hit one of those weight pegs full force with my instep...

       fell about as good as it sounds.

                I spent a month limping around on a cane and probably another two or three before I could work kicks again.


                  Don't reach out with one hand to brake fall in judo when you have a 200 pound human attached to you mid air.
                  I dislocated inwardly my right shoulder. Don't do judo...
                  By the way, lol at getting smashed by your weight rack...that is some funny shit!
                  Almost a Darwin award death!


                    Tie, between the crushed heel/tendon injury that ended my Shotokan karate training in the 80s, and the shoulder tear injury that ended my judo training in the 90s.

                    Worst non-MA injury: I broke my left ulna and radius clean through after being tossed from a wild Belgian thoroughbred. Ended junior high typing class, woohoo!


                      My martial arts career has been remarkably injury free, considering I've trained for over a decade and have been beaten up in most forms of competition. In sanshou I was kicked in the jaw and woke up with everyone standing in a circle around me, and a different time having someone land on me with a sacrifice throw and compressing my ribcage. It hurt to laugh or move or breathe hard for a while, but I never went to the doctor because I was a teenager and screw that. I just became more somber for a while.

                      During my 2nd Dog Brothers gathering, I got kicked in the mask hard enough to cave it in and the mesh cut my nose open. At the end of the fight, we took masks off, and Crafty Dog, the moderator of the event, gave me a look that kinda scared me. It wasn't actually that bad, but by that time it had been bleeding into sweat for a fight so my face was pretty bloody. Still have a scar on my face from that.

                      My most memorable non-martial arts injury was having a coyote chew up my foot out in the desert as a kid. We had been seeing coyotes all weekend, and they would walk right by us like domestic dogs, and I could even tell the difference between them, by their eye color etc. It was some Beastmaster shit. One walked right up to me and stared at me, and I realized that I hadn't seen this one before, and as soon as I realized that, it had grabbed my left foot and started violently whipping side to side, causing the tooth punctures to turn into cuts. I started kicking it with my free leg, but with all my power, it didn't even blink on impact, and that scared the hell out of me. Eventually it ran off and I went to the hospital. Had to get a rabies vaccination, but I still have the scars so that's kinda cool.


                        In May of 2011 I got slammed with an O Soto Gari, hit me like a mack truck, broke a vertebrae in my neck.
                        And last week a new student collapsed on my knee while attempting an Ura Nage, luckily it didn't break, still hurt like a son of a bitch though.


                          Today I wrapped a 30lbs Bungee exercise band around my splint(mid-forearm) while holding on to the bungee band with my other hand and did biceps, triceps, and shoulders to avoid losing muscle mass for rehabilitation. The only thing I'll will be unable to do is forearms. Im waiting for my follow up on my broken nose to see when I can slow/light roll.


                            I've been pretty fortunate as far as injuries go too..I've had more serious injuries in street fights and motorcycle accidents than in either hockey or MA-related incidents.

                            Plenty of cracked/fractured fingers over the years. A couple of mild concussions.
                            Tore some cartilage along my rib cage when rolling with a fellow coach when I was coaching HS wrestling. That hurt like a bitch too..kept me off the mat for a while.
                            I was very fortunate in boxing, never got KO'd or even knocked down, but I did get hit hard enough to see stars and got a couple of standing 8's in my day.
                            I've sprained my ankle playing hockey , also got a couple of hairline fractures over the years, a few stitches.
                            Fractured my orbital bone in a brawl, that took a while to heal. For a good month or two afterwards every time I would grind my teeth or chew an overcooked piece of meat or something I could hear tiny little crackling noises.
                            But this is all minor shit..
                            The big problem for me has been, and continues to be, my left leg.
                            I busted the tib and fib in a motorcycle accident, also twisted that ankle pretty badly in hockey.
                            I healed up Ok from the serious fracture, and got my flexibility and strength back. But the more serious damage occurred when I had a blood clot a few years later. My leg was swollen and almost turning green it was so oversized, I had been to see the doctor, only to have him tell me it was just a consequence of my ' bad leg' and the steel rod I now have. Who was I to argue ?
                            Turns out this doctor was a negligent fuck, and he almost cost me my goddamn life because less than a month later I was in the hospital with a pulomonary embollism. The clot had found its way into my lung.
                            As a result of walking around with a ridiculously swollen leg for a couple of months, a shitload of blood vessels in my calf broke so now I have a weird discoloration down around my ankle. When the weather gets hot , or I do a lot of heavy lifting or exercising in the summer time, the area flares up and gets red and itchy. The area right around the spot where the screws from the rod are is the worst. It caused me some grief in my CMA training because holding a horse stance for long periods of time is difficult, it feels like the lower portion of the rod is going to poke through my leg sometimes if I hold it too low/long. But nobody wants to come off like whiner..
                            But the thing that seems to put the worst strain on it now is when I'm outside doing landscaping work around my property in the summer months, or moving furniture in and out of places - which I do a lot of for our side-business. The extreme heart exacerbates the problem and I start limping after doing a lot of hauling wood or wheelbarrows full of dirt etc. In the fall, its not bad..but during July and August it can get painful to the point where I can only put a couple of hours in at a time.
                            If I do barbell curls standing up at the gym, sometimes its sufficient pressure to cause me to limp a bit afterwards.
                            The joint at the knee also tightens up a lot, and I have had to go to physio a few times over the years to get the flexibility going again. If I don't do my exercises regularly, it will seize up on me and bending it gets troublesome.
                            Like a lot of guys, I have an ego and don't like to use the leg as an excuse ..but as I get older I have a feeling it is going to get worse before it gets better. I've already been told by the doctors that as I age it will likely become a hindrance and will probably end up using a cane when I'm an old geezer.
                            All I can do is keep active and hope for the best. In hindsight, I wish I never had the damn rod put in, I think it would have been better to just let it heal in a cast.
                            My advice to anyone faced with a choice between a rod or a cast is to say no to having a foreign object placed in your body. Its not natural, and studies have shown that the chances of getting blood clots after this kind of surgery are increased dramatically.
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                              My most serious injury so far was while was practicing WIng Tsun. My retarded partner that day accidentally kicked me on my back and stayed off action for about 3 weeks. Other than that the classic bruises and scratches.



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