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    WTF, Over, contd

    If I offended anyone, I apologize, but being a former peace officer, I really dislike ambushes. I was taught attitude determines response. So if you expect me to be civil, then communicate in a civil manner. I am 66 on the 15th, was a deputy sheriff and corporal in Arizona, am disabled due to an on the job injury, working in private security in California. Glad to be here and will answer any question which does not jeopardize my security.

    Seriously, dude, nobody has ambushed you. This is your second post, the first one I thought was amusing but this one just makes you look like you have some issues. Relax, only post in the same thread you started until you figure everything out.
    Originally posted by Devil
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
    Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
    I <3 Battlefields...


      Welcome, we don't expect you to be civil!

      Ranting against automated messages is awesome but you may not want to make it a habit. Forums vary greatly in level of moderation, some are strictly controlled and must be in topic some forum are much less regulated.

      Reason and evidence are a big thing around here.

      The respect thing is problematic because martial arts have a big problem with charlatans using respect as a way to hide fraud, incompetence, and ineffectiveness.


        Starlord, please note that your perceived aggressors on this site have not been the human posters here, but rather the automated text from bots and such. Text robots, if you will. They are notoriously, unyieldingly difficult to reason with, and will repeat the same phrases to even the cleverest of responses.


          Clarification, the posters in threads are people. The text boxes outside of threads are automated messages.
          "Systema, which means, 'the system'..."

          Originally posted by strikistanian
          DROP SEIONAGI MOTHERFUCKER! Except I don't know Judo, so it doesn't work, and he takes my back.
          Originally posted by Devil
          Why is it so goddamn hard to find a video of it? I've seen videos I'm pretty sure are alien spacecraft. But still no good Krav.
          Originally posted by Plasma
          At the point, I must act! You see my rashguard saids "Jiu Jitsu vs The World" and "The World" was standing in front me teaching Anti-Grappling in a school I help run.
          Originally posted by SoulMechanic
          Thank you, not dying really rewarding in more ways than I can express.



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