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lol would be hilarious if it wasnt spot on.

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    Originally posted by Styygens View Post
    "I'm afraid I may kill them." LOL
    Funny story about that. So our teacher a 67th Dan, was always telling us (my fiancee and I) to "Slow it down." "This is a deadly martial art, that's why we move like old people fuck." Not exactly said like that but you know what I mean.....So anyways, my fiancee who is smart and cunning and has a memory like a god damn elephant (she doesn't let me forget shit) was practicing the Chi no Kata out of the Sanshin no Kata forms..(it basically looks like you're bowlin' 4 t3h j3sus or something) I was always her uke or sparring partner and we would always get in trouble because the moves were so rediculously flamboyant that we couldn't hold back our laughs, and at the end of everyone she would be like "smell those fingas!" and run her hand up my face (you have to see the move, hilarious) and our 67th degree dan would come over and say this is great if you want to keep your attacker at bay and hit a pressure point with your three fingers under their jaw." My fiancee doesn't miss a beat and says "Well last week you told us that we could separate some ones head from their spine by doing this full speed that's why we do it slow. I guess I really couldn't use this for self defense then right? I don't want to kill the person. I want to get out of the situation." He back petaled right away and said how it would take years of training to do that deadly move. Which is the exact same thing as the non deadly move. Then my fiancee said sarcastically..."Geeze, with this art being so deadly maybe it isn't the best idea we use this as self defense." As if our instructor saw the dollars signs depleting before his eyes he went on a whole ten minute long attempt to retract his statement and explain why it's great for self defense. Fucking snake oil salesman....Man so many stories from that cult. I mean organization, I mean feudal military tactics, I mean martial art.

    edit...found teh d34dly sanshin no kata....for your viewing pleasure...please...use caution....its deadly...adults only...(preferably those who wear glasses, live in their moms basement and drink warm milk before bedtime)
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