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  • goodlun
    The truth is he studies under Dillman but since Dillman doesn't want his stuff to be used for sport they cover it up

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  • Uglybugly
    started a topic Silly observation

    Silly observation

    I am a big fan of Anderson Silva. It is prime entertainment to watch him beat the other guy into a pulp. However I have noticed something.. and please bear with me it sounds stupid..

    When Anderson fights he will usually just dance around and work the other guy mentally in different ways. Then suddenly in the second round his opponent will become .. not very good at fighting. almost like a child.

    So what happened? Is he really that good? or did he in some way psyche out his opponent so that he can beat him like he was a child.. I think that he is doing something. I don't know much about techniques used to psyche out people but I know that they do exist and they work.. if you know what your doing.

    Do anyone know anything about Nlp.. hypnosis or anything else that could be used like this?

    I realize that this sounds mind blowing stupid. "Hurr durr Anderson Silva uses hypnosis to win in the ufc" but if you look at his fights you can see that something is going on. Maybe not hypnosis but something. I dunno..


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