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    Originally posted by eloneamigo View Post
    I was talking about the mental aspect of sapping your opponents will by giving them a false sense of security from not sprinting out of the gate nothing more nothing less. They are patient.
    You could say this about every fighter that starts a little late. I think Question has a point about Anderson Silva being compared to anyone. He is excellent at spatial awareness and timing. He can "be a dick" to his opponents and get away with it because of this fact.

    Anderson Silva does have a "feeler round" like many fighters do, but the thing that makes him so god damn entertaining is what he does after that. Once he figures you out, you stand no chance. It's not a methodical brick-by-brick breaking down of his opponent. It's a front kick to the face. It's dipping and bobbing every punch and dropping you with a jab. It's breaking the rules and making you pay for it. Not even in boxing or kickboxing have i seen someone with that much of a striking skill deficit over their opponent.

    He really is the GOAT.

    Originally posted by Mr. Machette View Post
    If he ran a sanitation company I'd be a fan of his managment skills.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! WTF? Best comment of the day!
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      Originally posted by Mr. Machette View Post
      Dude, he is really THAT good.
      But he's a competitive fighter, so I'm a fan of his ass kicking. His surgical, effortless, flawless diamond ASS KICKING.
      His ass kickings are pretty amazing, I think the paw that broke Forest's face was especially ridiculous, it's crazy how his body generates so much torque from such small movements, almost superhuman.



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