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    how and why

    how and why is it still possible that people do not see and understand fighting for what it is. look at a weponless fight it starts some wear and ends some wear these are the things that can happen. striking, trapping, clinching, throwing/take downs, positional control, fight ends with submission, knock out or death.

    it would seem that a martial artist would want to become good at all aspects of this possible senario and escaping these problems. hence the term artist. so how can we do that.(enter style) i see arguments like catch wrestling vs bjj / karate vs kung fu etc. what a load of shit. hear is the deal. first we assess the desired out come. do we live in a war torn land wear we need to kill? do we want to win at a specific sport with rule sets?do we just want to get healthy and do something with our kids?

    so establish the out come then find what ever information you can from sources who have proven effective at achieving those goals then go to the gym train real hard with the goal in mind not limiting your self to one style but keep an open mind(blood sport:)) and practice techniques and strengthen your body.

    now the argument whats a better style isnt the question. let me explain.

    if i say catch is better than bjj for example how do i prove it? common answer by practising catch then wrestling people who practice bjj. but that is wrong. here is the truth.

    I hold a tournament where the rules are catch wrestling rules (what ever they are neck cranks allowed etc) then say all are welcome to enter. now we will see who is the best catch wrestler and has the best style. and im not talking named style. dragon this or ryu that. im talking individuals who trained hard to compete and show what they can do. maybe some one is the best kick boxer/kyokoshin champion/savat champion because they learn to play by the rules of all those organizations and then win.

    the point is what has the individual trained for in his gym not what history is there i can hold on to to say my style is better when all those stories prove is some one else was better a few years ago and not me.

    example my great great grand father was a general who lead soldiers into battle. should i say my style is best because some one who had some influence generations ago was a strait killer. and so every night at home i practice holding my gun in the mirror but never actualy shoot any 1. obviously that logic is flawed

    so my rant to finnish this first post on this thread is this.

    if you want to learn to fight be logical unless you live in a war zone sport fighting is the only real option to learn real skills you can test. with that in mind mma is the most broad.then you could choose either a striking or grappling event to focus on testing your skillz in. understand what a fight is then find people you can verify have proven them selves to be successful. if you dont want to train under real reactionary pressure then dont kid your self into thinking you are learning to fight. you may be getting strong you may be getting healthy but if what your doing does not have a direct mesurable use under pressure its not martial arts its dancing.

    i dont know is this trolling ? abusing the masses? education? or just my own inability to be tolerent?

    So if context is king, and I feel like rockin' so black pajamas before bed time, then I should be a ninja! Right?




      well king of the ninjas


        Originally posted by BIG TIM View Post
        i dont know is this trolling ?
        Yes. Yes, it is.


          This is why I just call myself a martial sportist (sp?)... solves a lot of problems I say


            I'm a chronic self spanker, so I do Hapkido. When I ask someone to grab my wrist, you better believe I mean that shit.


              Originally posted by BIG TIM View Post
              wall of semi-understandable text
              I beg your pardon. Could you repeat that?
              Shut the hell up and train.


                Originally posted by BIG TIM View Post
                or just my own inability to be tolerent?
                it's your own inability to write up a coherent story.
                What's the matter?
                Is the World of Warcraft server down?

                Oh man, lemme tell you about this time.
                So im with darkelf94 and Orcboi98, my homies and we went like, yo let's gank some allies.
                So then we took our flying tigers and headed off to the goblin village where we just knew the noobs were at.
                Our gearlevel was totally pro and we knew this would be easy.
                We had to wait for Orcboi98 a bit cos his mom was yelling at him, we could hear over teamspeak3.
                We have been trying to get orcboi send us some pics of his mom cos she sounds totally hot.
                So anyway, Darkelf94 and me were like waiting for him to return and we was gettin our weapons ready, I had the giant staff of countless pleasures (took me months of grinding to get, but totally worth it) and I was really curious how it would hold up against the narrow portal of the blessed virgins spell.

                Finally Orcoboi gets back and apologises and also refused to send us pics of his mom and told us to knock it off.
                All go0od.
                So Darkelf unleashes his 'foam of the midnight hour' spell on the allied noobs, and they are covered in it and freaking out and shit.
                Epic lolz.
                I move in and slap my staff of endless pleasures around, ripped right through that narrow portal of the blessed virgins counterspell.
                Some noobmage tried to counter again with the 'objection of the elders' spell but to no effect.

                All in all it was a pretty easy battle because we knew when and where to attack.
                Do you get my point?


                  I started reading the OP, but somewear during the post it really started to where on me and I stopped.
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                    Originally posted by profroche View Post
                    I started reading the OP, but somewear during the post it really started to where on me and I stopped.
                    There, their, they're. Your learned about the Marshall arts....


                      Originally posted by profroche View Post
                      I started reading the OP, but somewear during the post it really started to where on me and I stopped.
                      Well, you herd it hear folks. Wearever you go their you are. Thank ewe awl.


                        is your point that your a cronic masterbater and in2 fantasy roll play? if so i think i hear you. But my dragon staff of eternal cosmic efulgent glory is at full energy and needs more use.
                        no matter how many portals it has been through they just havnt drained it satisfyingly. but there is one portal thats been such a journey getting to that im sure it will take me to the right place.


                          and back to the thread topic if there where better ways to fight pro fighters would use them there is millions of dollars up for grabs.


                            Sensible answer:

                            "Sport" fighting may prepare you for the rigors of the actual confrontation, but the physical response should not be the sole focus of a systematic approach to self-protection - so unless you also prepare for that you are far from the authority on this that you seem to think you are

                            Also 1993 called and they want their paradigm shift back

                            Non-Sensible answer:

                            The problem you have is that your rant was barely coherent and sounded like a typical fanboy douchnozzle "I haz d3h r34l LOL" bullshit that every fucktard who once saw a UFC event and now wears Tapout pyjamas espouses - perhaps less caffeine, or else wait til puberty before posting again


                              How long have you been doing martial arts? You kinda sound like a 1st year psychology student going around diagnosing everyone you know with your 101 knowledge, or trying to get us "sheep" to understand Atlas Shrugged after you finished it.



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