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Sport jiu jitsu vs. street jiu jitsu

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    Sport jiu jitsu vs. street jiu jitsu

    Ryron and Rener Gracie on the difference between jiu jitsu for competition and for self defense

    It pretty much a common sense thing. Plus I always keep in mind what Helio once said, (paraphrased) Competition should be a chance for you to practice your self defense skills.
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    You can't practice Judo just to win a Judo Match! You practice so that no matter what happens, you can win using Judo!
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      Thank you.

      I like the mindset of the GJJ stuff, but when I watch the videos it feels like things are a bit slow paced, but I guess a soild grasp of fundamentals is worth learning over a flashy DLR move.

      I also think about what Renzo Gracie said about Rener and his brother and the whole GJJ mindset overall. I do my BJJ sport style and I like it, and I hope I can have the right mindset to avoid street fights, and will use my sport style to escape instead of fight lol.

      I have to say though, thier upside down pyramid is a really great idea. I don't feel I am ready for a fight on the street at all after 4 years of training.
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        I have a feeling that the student from the east coast that is affiliated with one of their family members that they spoke about in the beginning of the vid is affiliated with Renzo.


          Counter with: HedgeCombatives, for t3h Str33t -

          Shit happens, situational awareness and reality of fights different to training BJJ outside of "for self defense do this".

          BJJ - Geoff Thompson - Don't do dumb shit on the street/be aware as much as you can - There's no cure-all = be as safe as you can on th3 str33t.

          Combatives: get out from under, get up, and run?

          Does not work with Lava, Glass, Needles, Swamp areas (without Swampwalk), the Underdark, or other planets with different cultural triggers.
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