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Heya, obligatory N00B post to inform the interwebs of my existence.

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    Heya, obligatory N00B post to inform the interwebs of my existence.

    Long time lurker, 5 years mebbe, looking to sponge information from people better than me, ie everyone. :problem:

    I'm from England, and terminally middle class, so a prior apology to any proles who wonder why some sanctimonious arsehole who wandered into their thread is spouting words like 'tremendous'.

    I'm a frequently relapsing former /b/tard so I have developed fairly thick skin, the aforementioned Britishness will be upheld by the inevitable inability on my part to stop being sarcastic about anything, including the sensitive subjects of old mums and faggotry in it's myriad forms.

    That about does it for me first post, I'll shut up now.

    Your claimed garrulousness will not be a problem on this site unless you make it a problem. Then I'll be your problem. Other than that, bullshido is a font of knowledge that, when properly navigated, will provide ample martial, as well as life, lessons.

    Welcome to Bullshido.
    Originally posted by Devil
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
    Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
    I <3 Battlefields...


      Thanks mate, I just meant I'm familiar and comfortable with good natured trollage, not that I'm dribbling fountain of derpery trying to pass off being a twat as irony.


        Welcome to Bullshido.

        How long have you been training boxing and Judo?
        Shut the hell up and train.


          omg 4chan...

          anyway, welcome :)
          video game reviews


            I did Judo for on and off for 6 years, probably only did three years worth really, and Boxed in two lots of 7 months or so, Judo was only once a week, for two hours, but it was next to nothing, and boxing was once or twice a week for two hours, also for very little moneyz.
            I was an okay outfighter when I boxed, I'm weak but have a long reach, so jabbed a lot.

            Judo was tough, lots of tiny people, and the only people near my weight were much better than me so I lost all the time, I first did it before the rule changes to ban TDs occurred, so basically I learnt how to grip fight and (badly) 2xleg, then pass the guard and pin, and not much else and then afterwards the legion of stiff arming midgets caused me to just spam Ura Nage's all over the shop when they threw O Goshi's, and fall on them when their initial Osoto inevitably failed.

            But yeah, hi, and thanks.



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