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    Hi to all...I am a noob as I bow and scrape fervently. My primary art is Judo and have recently earned by Shodan. I took a small hiatus-since about 1998-from Judo and have just in the last few months begun to train again.

    Has anyone else taken such a long break from their art and tried to get back into it? How long did it take you to begin feeling comfortable again?

    Welcome to Bullshido.

    I took a two year hiatus from BJJ. I started in 1999 and then left after 4 months due to a work conflict and poor time management on my part. Funny things is, I thought about getting back almost every day during that 2 year period.

    Eventually, I reckoned that meant I had better get my backside back to training. So, in 2001, I started again. Haven't stopped training since, and while I was easily bested on the mat by guys who I had formerly dominated, I was so happy to be back, I didn't care, much.
    Shut the hell up and train.



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