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    i new here

    i go by Kefka where i go mostly

    i been do Hap Ki Do for almost 3 years now and i still learning i am a High green Belt

    i Started Tae Kwon Do last September and i reached Orange Belt if lucky this morning i might be green belt.

    thing is i got in this cause i was bored playing Online games all day
    and my doctor says to me to work out more then just taking walks so that day walking home from my doctor app. i stop in front of grand Master Bai's watching him move around with grace with a sword and moving fast then slow again when he notice me i got red cause i am shy type of person and he walk out ask me if i like sit and watch and i did then the school mgr. came and we talk and after a few mins i sgin up for Hap Ki Do. now u wonder why i did that over swords it was i think i was not up to doing swords yet but tossing and be tossed i can do and i was not much of a high kicker so how my body was i was just right for Hap ki do . i got in to Tae Kwon Do do to 3rd dan thats a shock truma nurse she was very nice and keep asking me to come in on her starter class that she does and help with falling with the lower Tae Kown Do belts. and got me hook in to doing that.

    now i not just do classes to learn i also a learning tool to now with Tae Kwon Do black Belts useing me to work on there tosses and thing is i love being toss around lol. makes me feel young again.

    how many 30 something old men are willing to let teenagers toss them around?
    heck when i 1st started i was at 202 lbs. and i am a 5'3 so i was way over now i am 168 do to winter but last summer i was 142 lbs.
    when from a size 48 pants to a size 28 pants.

    Welcome and congratulations of dropping so many pant sizes.

    Theres a wealth of information on here so take your time and read alot. Pay particular attention to the highlighted threads at the top of the sub-forums with your name on them, the "stickies"

    Theres many threads on both Hapkido and other arts you may be interested in,plus many many health and weight loss threads to enjoy.



      Kefka, like this dude?

      Well met, traveler.


        yes i ended up using it after my brother made a toon named kefka and terrorize alot of players in ultima online and then i started to Terrorize the Griffers on the game just for kicks.


          Good job on the weight loss.
          I keep trying to get my brothers on the mat with me.
          Maybe if they heard more stories like your they would man up.

          Your name is awesome.



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