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    Aussie night shift to aisle newbietown please


      Originally posted by Timmy Time View Post
      Hi! I'm Tim. It’s Nice to meet you.
      G'day Tim, welcome to the site. Perhaps you could expand on your martial arts experience and training so that forum members can get a feel for your martial arts perspective. What drew you to martial arts and what do you get out of it?

      Also, be sure to read all the stickies before posting, they're the ones at the top of the list titled 'Timmy Time! READ ME!'
      2018 Male Purple Belt Adult No Gi
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        Hi Tim,

        Don't take anything too personally here and you will be fine.

        A few things to watch out for

        1) Don't necro old threads unless you have something really valuable to offer, generally not just an opinion. It's not uncommon, I am pretty sure I have done it. Just check the dates of the last post before you click reply

        2) The search function is your friend

        3) And if your going to post in MABS (This one)
        As Cuallteigh said make sure you have read the stickies and can back up anything you might say. It's the flagship section of this site and what attracted not just me but many others to this site. It is moderated heavily.

        Other than that enjoy.

        Which place are you training at by the way?
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          Good to see some more Aussies on the site!


            I currently train in Japanese Jujutsu and Machado Jiu Jitsu under John Will (I'm 14). I have a blue belt in JJJ (4th rank) and two stripes/white in BJJ. I train at Ryoku Martial Arts in South Australia and have been doing so for some three years. In the future I hope to start learning some form of Karate and train some Muay Thai to add to my grappling game. Originally I started martial arts to escape the outside world. I originally joined up to Ryoku Martial Arts looking for some Mr Miyagi style "hwa hwa karate chop" sort of stuff. But I have learned so much more than flashy moves and silly fantasies during my training. I think the club has really helped me become the kind of person I want to be. Now my main aims are to make the best out of myself in my training whether it be Japanese Jujutsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any other martial art on that matter. I might even think about starting my own gym when I've finished school.



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