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Greetings Newbietown.

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    Greetings Newbietown.

    Hello folks. Not my first post ever at Bullshido, but thought it would be a good idea to make a formal introduction. My intention here is to get some advice about where I can train in my area, and maybe make some connections.

    I trained for a while back in college, trying my hand at a few different styles of jiu jitsu, but then fell out of practice and have not climbed back on the horse since. I live in San Diego and would like to start practicing again, even if it is informal for just a few hours a week. I am interested in:

    - BJJ
    - Judo or Japanese Jiu Jitsu
    - Any knife work

    If you have a strong recommendation for a good school teaching one of these, or if you practice yourself and wouldn't mind helping an out-of-practice newb find his feet again, I would really appreciate it. I have done some research with the search function and on Google, but Yelp reviews and old threads can only tell you so much... I think I'd do better to hear what people have to say on the ground, as it is more organic and current.

    I've viewed this forum for a few years now and think it is a good, honest community. I am near PB.

    Go Giants!
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    There is a great school of Jiu Jitsu that I visited while I was down there. It's near Arena MMA I believe it's called The University of Jiu Jitsu. I believe one of our members is a former member there. So if you look up Arena MMA it literally is only 100 ft or so away in the same shopping plaza.

    Oh and screw the Giants.


      Ah here it is:

      Oh and screw The Giants.


        Omega, thank you for the information. I have heard of this school, and the reputation of the Ribiero bros. of course proceeds them - I will have to do more in-depth research into this. Basically what it comes down to is price.

        Do you have any opinions about knife defense training? I have a lot of respect for this weapon, but don't really know much about it other than, "run".


          LOL, run is always good. I do knife fighting and defense when I can. For your area I would confer with Permalost who does this and lives in your area. Let me see if I can direct him here.


            Hey dude, welcome to Bullshido.

            Off the top of my head, it sounds like you should look into the Harris Academy. BJJ, Kali Illustrisimo, and JKD. I haven't been there, but that sounds like a mix that's just what you're looking for.

            I train in FMA with the Babaos in Paradise Hills. My teacher, (Grandmaster) Narrie, is the oldest one and has been training since the 60s. He teaches at a TKD place called Black Belt USA on Friday and Saturday (the TKD teacher/school owner Maciste Lim is also one of his students). He also teaches a small group on Wednesdays and Sundays in his garage. That's generally when I train with him. He teaches doce pares eskrima, eskrido, pangamot, and kali as taught by Mel Lopez.

            His son, Narrison Babao, seems to have a very diverse background and his movement is extremely fast and technical. Not sure where he teaches normally, he just comes to the small group a lot. Anyway, there's a good deal of practice with the knife, and the stick is often regarded as a long training blade. There's a fair amount of live training with armor and so forth, but not quite as much as I'd like. They train with the cops who are out there in real world scuffles, and they bring interesting stories to the table.

            As far as other weapons groups, I don't know a whole lot. There's a systema group in Mission Valley at an aikido dojo and they do training knife stuff, but, well, they have a rather odd training methodology. There's a group called Filipino Combat Systems run by a guy named Roy Dionaldo. I personally haven't trained with them, but one of my training partners did and said it seemed good.

            As far as judo goes, if that's your cup of tea you should check out Judo America near Miramar. I went there for an anthropology project, oddly enough. Anyway, its run by Gerald Lafon, a well respected judoka who's been training since the 60s, and is known for a modern/progressive approach to judo.

            I've been trying to get another small park training group together again, aimed mostly at stick and knife sparring, with the emphasis changing here and there for various comps (I sometimes compete at various levels of weapon contact, from WEKAF armored sparring to Dog Brothers minimal gear style). If you'd like to be in the loop on this just drop me a line.

            I've known two people who have trained at The Arena MMA place and said good things about it, but neither of them had trained before so their opinions aren't so informed. At any rate, I have heard good things and you might want to check it out.

            Hope this was helpful.


              Omega- thank you.

              Permalost, thanks you as well for the heads up. I looked into the Harris Academy. A little too far from me, unfortunately. Hopefully sometime in the future, but for now I'd like to keep within a 15-20 mile radius. The park group sounds interesting. That is, if you wouldn't mind sharing your knowledge with an absolute beginner.

              Basically, I saw the convenience store video on here when I did my search function and now every time I pass by one of those places I wonder if I could survive an attack like that... my gut reaction being, "Probably not". So any training would be preferable to none.

              I noticed there is a kali class that meets at one of the local Gracie Barras, very close to me, but it appears to be quite expensive. I will have to look into the class with your teacher at Black Belt USA. From what I can tell pretty much all Beginner BJJ classes in the area run from Mon-Thurs so that scheduling works out perfect for me. Does that class also meet in Paradise Hills?


                Where exactly in San Diego are you?

                I'm not sure if my teacher's taking new students in the Paradise Hills class at the moment. I'd like to start the park group in the spring, when the weather clears up and the days are longer. Another Bullshido poster and I used to spar in Balboa Park on Saturday mornings, sticks and all, and the local park ranger was cool with it because he's a martial artist too.


                  Between PB and OB



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