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    BJJ Gi????

    I am getting a new gi soon.

    I know that there are a few threads talking about what gi brands are the best, most economical, etc..........

    But I did have a question - I have seen advertisements for "BBJ Gis"

    Wouldn't the gi used in bjj be relatively (or exactly) the same as a Judo/Aikido gi? if there are differences, what are they?

    i'm sorry if it seems like a stupid question. i am new to the forum and to BJJ - hence this thread is in "newbietown".

    any help would be appreciated!


    A BJJ gi is cut differently from a judogi -- it's basically tighter, with less slack in the arms. You might be able to wear a judogi to a BJJ class, though I doubt the reverse is true at most judo clubs (certainly not at judo tournaments; a BJJ gi is too tight to be legal in judo).

    Also the patches, of course...
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I did not realize that the sleaves were different.

      I will certainly keep that in mind when I purchase my gi!


        Roger Gracie wears a judogi in BJJ take that for what it is worth


          Judo gi are all, AFAIK, legal for BJJ. The reverse is not true.


            thanks for your replies!