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    Hello, new person to this forum

    Originally posted by pkhamidar2com
    I been looking at those stiky thingies. Omegas one made me lol, some of the other ones made me lol.

    Anyways yeah, i just heard about this forum from another forum. Decided ill check it out, what its like etc...

    I heard its a collection of the Mcdojos and this forum/site whatever exposes them to the public.


    If your interested, which most of you probably arnt XD (i mean cmon, most people just click reply and say "welcome, have a nice stay" :P), im currently doing Tangsoodo for 6 months, going to change to Judo within a month or so. If your interested just reply why :)

    thanks :)
    Welcome to Bullshido. I'm interested in a few things:
    1. What was your experience like studying in Tang Soo Do? I've never had the opportunity to practice it and I've always been curious.

    2. Why did you decide to go to Judo specifically?

    Originally posted by pkhamidar2com
    I believe it depends from class to class really. My class was heavily into doing Katas and formations.

    A few things that surprised me in TSD. No punches to the head allowed. But kicks are, but then again kyokushin karate has the same rule.
    Also elbows, knees etc... to the body isnt allowed. During sparring, competition wise as well as free sparring in normal classes, you cannot go all out, but with light taps. No knocking out allowed in classes (i see the reasoning behind that) and no knocking out in competition (because people have to go to work next morning, i can see the reasoning behind that though).
    Oh and by knocking out, they usually mean going very hard, so its all on technique rather than power.

    Anyways like i said before Katas were a huge focus in my class, pretty much every lesson, give or take 1 or 2, were all on learning kata moves and practicing katas.

    Sparring wasnt very common, usually i got around 5 minutes or so if any sparring. Most of the time no sparring. There was a one off where i got an 30 -40 minutes though :), but that was only once.
    Interesting... I can see why you decided to make the switch.

    Why im deciding to move to judo specifically?

    1) I went for a trial session, as soon as i went i was thrown, and it felt AWESOME!
    2) More contact
    3) More sparring
    4) The place that im proposing to got o will give me 3 lessons per week for 22 pounds per month which is quite good. Currently im paying 16 pounds per month for 1 lesson a week of TSD

    On my first trial session they went over pretty much everything i would learn within the first 3 months if i took it for real. So things like different types of throws, ground fighting. Then i had a small randori session (i was not expecting it, i was really happy here, since i dont get much of it). It was obviously very light, he was going extremely easy on me since i was very new to it :P Still it was really awesome and fun!

    Why judo specifically? Well its the only club near me that i can afford to pay for, that has alot of sparring.
    Cool. I had a similar experience with Judo coming from Aikido. From very little sparring/two person kata exercises to full resistance randori being half of the class. Also, judo is known for being very cost effective and having a fair level of quality control. I'm glad you are joining for the right reasons.

    Anyways it'll help me cross train. I know i want to get into MMA. And i know in the future i want to do Boxing :) But neither of those two types of arts are near me :/ But i dont really care, i think judo is going to be awesome! It was definately very very fun!
    It would be good to get a solid base in grappling before you started cross-training anyway.

    I see you have done 3 grappling arts. As well as Taekwondo. Taekwondo apparantly is very similar to TSD but im not sure as ive never done TKD. You have done WTF style, alot of people say TSD is similar to TKD ITF.

    Does WTF have alot of sparring?

    anyways thanks for the reply and reading :) I appreciate it!
    My Taekwondo experience is negligible due to it being quite a number of years ago and the WTF having a reputation for being shotty. There was sparring, but similar to TSD, not allowed to go full contact or punch to the face.

    As for my grappling experience: I still suck terribly, but I train.

    Keep training.
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      Originally posted by pkhamidar2com
      4) The place that im proposing to got o will give me 3 lessons per week for 22 pounds per month which is quite good.
      UK pounds? that's really good. are you on junior rates?


        Welcome over to Bullshido PK!

        You won't see me here as much (I lurk here more than i post) but you will definitely find the flavor here slightly different



          Awesome value for money. Where is the club?


            The Paranoid Judoka?

            Fair enough. I'm not telling you where I am either then.


              erm, OK.

              Nearest city to the club would be fine - I'm not actually interested in knowing your home address. I was just wondering whether there are large regional variations in class prices.



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