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    BJJ Newbie!

    I figured I'd introduce myself.
    I'm a 22 year old college student from Boulder, CO.
    Previous experience in Aikido and Capoeira.

    I started BJJ recently at Zingano's in Broomfield, CO
    Loving it so far, the instructors are really receptive and the attitude at the school is extremely conducive to learning.

    A little bit about why I started:
    My friend moved out of state awhile back and he's going to be moving back in a year and a half. Since he moved we've become better friends and he's matured quite a bit. He recently started BJJ which was part of this change to his more mature mentality. As he was moving back soon enough we had the idea to take the same martial art. If we can't hang out why not share a connected experience? The plan is: when he moves back we could spar together and having something to immediately be connected by.

    I thought this was a great idea and subsequently used Bullshido's recommendations on finding a good school to look at the various schools in the area. It came down to three schools, and I ended up choosing Zingano's.

    At first I was anxious and cautious about participating since I hadn't done a grappling art before, but after trying it out I realized it was pretty awesome and here I am!

    Extra info: I knew nothing about BJJ prior to starting, I've never watched UFC, and never did anything similar in high school!


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    Judo is only gentle for the guy on top.


      Go read this and grow wise. Or ask a question and we/I will answer it.


        Thanks! It's been pretty difficult so far, but I hope to catch on quickly.
        I'm only worried about a couple of things like being injured during training but after lurking on these forums enough I've seen that a lot of these injuries come from egos and not tapping when it's appropriate to do so. Day one I decided I was going to walk in with my ego left at the door. So far, its been really helpful and caused people to be receptive to helping me out whenever I need.

        I love the fact that other students who have been there longer are not shy to point out something I wouldn't notice and help me fix it.

        What kind of things should I expect going forward after the beginning phase?


          Welcome and congrats on choosing BJJ. I would prepare for a lot of tapping and try to remember each position, how to maintain the position, and 1 method to either submit or improve your position.


            Welcome to the site,
            I'm a BJJ beginner as well, and oh man do I tap... hehe. just be smart, dont try to go full on aggressive, you gotta fight when the time is right, thats what happened to me at first, i tried going full force on people who could just outtechnique me and i ran out of gas.



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