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    Kos can't count

    Koscheck is stepping in for an injured Diego Sanchez at UFC 135, and apparently is looking forward to fighting Matt Huges.
    "I don't care who it is, I don't care when the fight is, I'm willing to step up and fight. I've never been this excited about an opportunity in my life. Matt Hughes definitely disrespected me a little bit when he called me a kid. I'm a lot younger than him, I'm a lot faster, I'm a lot stronger, and I'm a lot better of a fighter than him. The new kid on the block is going to come up and take out the old man. I want fights that people are going to tune in and want to watch. And this is a fight that everybody is going to want to see."
    Koscheck is 33 and Hughes is 37. Not that young any more Josh, perhaps you should stick to making fun of the relative thickness of Huges incontinence pads, when compared to yours, or the fact that his eyes are 20/400 and you're only at 20/250.

    So the self-styled young(ish) gun, comes in against the legendary Hughes. Can you be the new kid after 20 fights? Granted he gets hit for a living, but really?

    Also, Kos got beaten up badly enough by GSP that he couldn't fly to surgery, because of air pockets around his jacked up eye. Are you the new kid if you've been briefly to the top, and been rudely shoved off it, already? Is this him jumping on the long-ago decided GSP/Hughes rivalry. Licking the floor under the buffet table, as everyone's leaving the dance?

    Let your derision flow. This is not about who'll win the fight. At what point does someone lose the claim to "new kid"?

    Why you mad, bro?

    Actually, Kos' notion of new kid comes from the (relative to Hughes) fewer years of fighting in the big leagues.

    Hughes debut: 1998
    Koscheck debut: 2004

    But what really counts are the dates of their first big league fights, which I can't really pinpoint. But I'm estimating it's even more than double.
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      i like seeing kos get his ass kicked even more than seeing hughes getting *his* ass kicked! either way i win! plus i can always hope for a double career ending injury, taking them both out of any future fights.


        Kos entered pro mma in 2004, Huges in '98. Hugues is 45-8, Kos is 15-5.

        The TUF finale was in 2005. Whatever vortex allows Kos to be the new kid, after seven years in the promotion, is what someone needs to bathe Ken Shamrock in, hell...if that's new, then there are very few 'old guys in the game'.



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