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I couldn't stand that damn smiley face gun-weilding maniac anymore..

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    I couldn't stand that damn smiley face gun-weilding maniac anymore..

    Hi everyone, I'm PerseusStoned, full-time college student. Long-time lurker, finally convinced to join because I want to post on this insane-ass thread. I have been lurking the forums for roughly 3 months now looking to see how I should be devoting my training and physical fitness. I have been studying NinBuKai for roughly 6 months now.

    Just to beat it to the punch: I have absolutely no qualifications to debate my style at all, so please don't try to lure me in a conversation about its composition or merits. I am aware Ninjitsu based styles are not very welcomed around here (especially Robert Bussey's), but you've got to start somewhere. My instructors are helpful and I can see myself become more competent with every week, so I'm happy to learn. I hope to eventually cross-train with Judo when shit calms down at school.

    I hope to bulk up over the next coming years and become a competent fighter, eventually able to participate in a few amateur fights for fun. I have been a runner for a long-time so I have very little fat and even less muscle. I have a lot of learning to do.

    Anything more? Just ask/post/troll.

    With one exception, we're not allowed to troll in Newbietown.

    Welcome to Bullshido.

    Is there a Judo school nearby? How about a nice boxing gym?


      Thanks. I've found a few Judo schools nearby that seem promising via:
      Originally posted by 1point2 View Post
      Cheap and Widely Available - How to Find a Judo Dojo (UK version)
      In the UK at least, finding clubs is relatively easy.
      The BJA, while not the only governing body, is the largest. They maintain a clubs database and also a dan grade register, which makes it easy to find clubs and check up on credentials.
      I would be really interested in learning to box, except that I'm on a budget right now and don't have much money to offer until I get out of school. From what I understand the more effective competitive styles (Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing) all run on the pricier range. I've given up my car for the past 2 months to help save money and been commuting entirely by bike (I'm lucky, school, work, and groceries are all within a 20-mile round-ways commute), so Judo seems the best choice between blending a competitive art and my finances. I'm scoping out the schools post-winter break. Do you have any recommendations for cheaper (under $60/month) arts I might appreciate?

      Part of why I like my current school so much is the $45/monthly payment with 3 classes a week. I don't spar as much as I want yet, but that's because I'm still a lower-belt rank. I should be doing it every class within the next 3 or so months (next belt testing).


        Price varies, but usually Judo and Boxing are pretty cheap. Yeah, BJJ can be pricey given the brand recognition and demand.


          Welcome to Bullshido. Why are you so keen on posting on a thread that's mostly 2 years old?
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            Originally posted by TaeBo_Master View Post
            Welcome to Bullshido. Why are you so keen on posting on a thread that's mostly 2 years old?
            I'm hoping to do something (arguably) constructive for the site (and amusing for me). I want to offer a recap of the thread in form of a graphic demonstrating all the different accounts that dropped in and out of it. Reading through it I was reminded vividly of chats I use to have with my ex's schizophrenic brother and was hoping to shift through some of the madness to clean it up a bit. Should help any future research endeavors of Al Martin as well.



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