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    Hello, Introducing Myself


    I've been lurking for a week or so and thought I'd introduce myself. Started doing Judo with my sons a couple of years ago to help them with their wrestling. I've gotten hooked and really enjoy it.

    I enjoy the no-nonsense atmosphere of this forum.

    Welcome to Bullshido. What style of wrestling did (or do) your sons train in?


      The two oldest did folk style grade school through high school. They both have graduated now. The oldest is active duty Army in Afghanistan. The second joined the Army Reserves and is at Basic training now. He will be attending Iowa State University next semester. They have a good Judo club there so I'm thinking he'll continue there. Both have done BJJ during the summers and really enjoyed it.

      I have a younger son, now currently in 6th grade and he has been doing Judo with me for a while. He likes doing Judo more than wrestling. Not even sure if he'll do wrestling. We shall see. I wish I had gotten my family involved in Judo much sooner!


        Oh for a second I thought you were jnp and nwp's dad.



          By the way welcome to the site.


            Hey The Beak,

            Thanks! I'm enjoying looking over Bullshido. Nope jnp and nwp are not my sons. But I'm sure they are great guys! I see you are a fellow Judoka. How long have you been at it? Do you compete in lots of shiais?


              Just call me Beak, buddy.

              I've been at it for 1.5 years (actually less, there have been some breaks) It's alot of fun.
              Over my long and storied career I've have been in a grand total of two shiais.
              I did pretty badly in both I have a 0-4 record and I think once I scored a waza-ari.

              And I missed what would have been my third tourney due to being poor.

              Either way I enjoy it and plan to keep it up.
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